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Why Choose WordPress for Blogging?

Among the many blogging platform choices out there, why do I recommend WordPress? I’ve found a cool infographic about it but before I share it with you, here’s my take on things:

  1. WordPress is arguably the most popular blogging platform out there
  2. WordPress is also a very powerful content management system
  3. WordPress is free software (GPL)
  4. WordPress is easy to setup and easy to use
  5. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can use WordPress
  6. There are lots of third party themes and plugins that even adds to the functionality of WordPress
  7. WordPress is regularly updated and actively supported

Now, here’s the infographic I’m talking about:

I’ve been using WordPress for years and there’s not one thing that I didn’t like about it.

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Can a WordPress Blog Really Make You Monthly Recurring Income?

Ever since the concept of blogging came around, the idea of having your own space on the internet has become something so common that all of us can now be gurus in our own little fields of expertise. Blogs allow us to voice our opinion, teach stuff online, or even just rant about whatever’s happening with our daily lives.

With the rise of blogging came WordPress, a free CMS built specifically for blogging. It is arguably now the most popular blogging platform in the world and it’s growing even more by the minute with more and more people building more blogs using this easy to use platform.

Business-minded people naturally gravitated to using WordPress to build their online brands and communities and started earning monthly recurring income with their blogs. The question is, is it really feasible for beginners (a.k.a. newbies) and the general public to duplicate the success of others?

The answer is 100% YES.

In my previous blog post, I showed how easily it is for you to ask people to pay you for your content and when I say easy, I really mean easy.

Are membership sites good for business? To answer that question, here are some random sites that I’m 100% sure are making good money charging for premium content.

You can see that these sites are talking about different things – from making money to clothes shopping. Also note that I’ve only listed 10. Also worth mentioning that they all use WordPress and a plugin called WishList Member to build their business.

How much money can one make with membership sites?

Let’s do some simple math. If you charge $20 a month for access to your site and you have 100 members, that’s $2,000 a month in monthly recurring income and thats only 100 members. What if you have 1000? It all really depends on the quality and consistency of your content, no matter what niche you choose.

Not bad for some extra monthly recurring income huh? I’d suggest that you get started now. Start charging for content and begin your journey towards making monthly recurring income.  Your idea might just fit in a membership site model as well.

All these sites use WishList Member which is now powering over 40,000 websites helping people earn monthly recurring income from home. I think 40,000 websites is more than enough proof that anyone can do it.

Is WishList Member free? No BUT it’s a very small one-time investment that has helped people all over the world create successful membership sites.

Want to know more? Checkout the WishList Member video.


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How to Ask People to Pay You for Your Content

Before anything else I would like to tell you that this is not a new idea BUT what I am going to tell you is a very effective and proven to make money.

This idea is for you if:

  1. You like writing good content
  2. You are willing to spend at least 8 hours a MONTH (yes, you read that right) working on your site
  3. You like making money

If you think you’re qualified, then read on.

Lots of well known online marketers have membership sites and those who don’t are moving towards the same direction. If you don’t know yet, membership sites are sites (usually blogs) that charge a monthly premium for content or service.

But why would people pay for what most of the time is essentially just a blog post? The answer is – for the same reason they go to school. What you will be doing is basically build an online school about a certain topic that you are really good at.

How does one build a membership site and start charging for content?

  1. Have a WordPress blog
  2. Install the WishList Member plugin
  3. Crank some content, both free and paid content
  4. Start promoting your blog

Yup, that simple.


  1. Produce content regularly. I would advise producing both free and paid content. The purpose of your free content is to attract people to your blog and to promote your paid content.
  2. Don’t blatantly promote your premium stuff in your free posts. Instead, all you need to do is write good quality useful content and people will naturally want more.

Post your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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