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7 Strategic Steps to Succeed in Any Network Marketing Company

Network marketing is easy but you can easily lose track of your goals if you don’t have a clear strategy in front of you. Different network marketers have different strategies. What I have here is what works for me and my team. I teach my team to do it and what I noticed is that those who follow it are the ones most likely to get on top fast.

Here are my 7 strategic steps to succeed in any network marketing company.

1. Know Your “WHY”

Every business needs a “WHY”. Not knowing your “WHY” is not knowing your Purpose. Why are you in Network Marketing? Why did you choose to go into business and not stay on the usual path of the employee?

The deeper your “WHY”, the more focused you will be. It must make you cry, it must give you the chills. It has to be more than just making money, greater than yourself and perhaps even greater than your family.

When asked Why I’m into network marketing – my answer is this… I want to see people around me live a life of true time and financial freedom, a life that they truly deserve.

2. Learn “WHO” Your Prospects Are

The biggest mistake newbie network marketers do is that they think everybody should be in their prospect list. I thought so too when I was starting in this industry. But then I asked myself this question – WHO do I really want to work with? Do I want to work with unmotivated, lazy, complaining people? This is when I decided to be “picky” by choosing WHO I want to work with.

I created a set of requirements, much like those that you see in help wanted ads. I said, I want self-motivated, goal-oriented, action-focused people in their 20s to 40s who want to be rich by helping other people achieve a better life.

The trick to this is to make sure it aligns perfectly with your “WHY” and also with your personality.

3. Idenfify “WHERE” Your Prospects Hang Out

Now it’s time to know where my prospects hang out. Do they hang out in social media? If so, which social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc? Do they attend seminars? If so, what kind of seminars? Are they the coffee shop type or bookstore type? Know where they hang out and be sure that you’re there as well.

People fish for tuna go where the tuna loves to swim.

4. Specify “WHEN” You’ll Be Working

This is all about you. Are you going full time or part time with network marketing? If you have a job, you probably would want to start part time to test the waters and so choose to do network marketing only after office hours – say, 6-9pm Mondays to Fridays.

If you’re full time, you may want to be doing it from 1pm to 10pm Mondays to Fridays.

Either way, you have to tell yourself “WHEN” you expect yourself to be working on your network marketing business. You have to stick to a schedule otherwise you’ll fall into the abyss called inconsistency. I always tell my team to do this. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend as long as you spend that time 100% into working your business out.

A part timer working 100% for only 4 hours a week will do much better than a full timer working 10%.

5. Choose “WHAT” Methods You Want To Use

Are you going traditional with flyers, posters and cold calls? Or do you prefer internet marketing and use online avenues such as social media and blogging? Will you be holding business meeting at your home or do you prefer taking your prospects to the nearest branch your company has?

Most of the time, you’ll be doing a combination of these methods and it can be overwhelming. Luckily, I have a tip for you – choose one method first, a method that suits your personality, then master it. Once you’re good at it, learn another method and so on.

Don’t try to do all methods at once or you’ll end up half-baked and nobody will want to work with you because you look scattered and tired in the first place.

Again, choose a method, master it and once you’re good at it, move on to learning the next.

6. Define “HOW” You Measure Your Success

If you don’t define HOW you measure your success, you’ll end up tired and not knowing whether you’ve achieved your goal or not. Some measure their success by setting a monthly income goal. I prefer to measure success by counting how many in my team are making a certain monthly income or not. If I have 10 people in my team consistently making good income then I know that I’m on track with my WHY.

So yeah, HOW you measure your success must coincide with your WHY.

7. Take Action

Now, stop reading this and searching the web for more information and start taking action. If you’re already into network marketing then go and do the things that you’ve learned here. If you’re thinking about joining one then I may be able to help you with that. Post a comment below and get in touch.

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Why Filipinos don’t believe that they can be millionaires

Filipinos believe too much in luck that whenever we see someone become successful we’d often say “ang swerte naman nya” [he’s so lucky]. We usually chalk up people’s success to luck that we oftentimes neglect to see all the hard work that a successful person did before he even became successful.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with “Manong” – an old dude who used to run a (very) small vulcanizing shop in front of our house.

Me: Ganda ng sports car nya [Cool sports car] (pointing to a brand new Porsche 911 parked across the street)

Manong: Sinwerte siguro siya [He probably had some good luck]

I know the owner of the Porsche and I know for a fact that he worked hard to get it and if luck had any part in it, it’d just be that he’s lucky to have a millionaire’s mindset.

And that my friends is the problem. We believe too much in luck to the point that we’re blinded to the truth that we are just a lazy bunch (mostly). Let’s be honest here- when was the last time that you worked your butt off non-stop for a month to achieve one specific goal?

The good news though is that I sense change in the atmosphere, one that says that we Pinoys are learning to believe that we can achieve greater goals in life than what we’re used to. In the past 10 years, I’ve met successful Pinoys and had the opportunity to download their brains and guess what they all have in common? A millionaire’s mindset that drives them to first believe that they can do it which then drives them even further to work like crazy non-stop everyday until they either reach their goal or die trying. Unsurprisingly, most of them are network marketers.

Would they have succeeded if they were in a business other than network marketing? Probably though most of them were pushed into what they are today by the trainings they had in the network marketing industry.

Do you have to be a networker in order to be a Pinoy millionaire? By no means but you do need to have a millionaire’s mindset and network marketing can help you with that transformation.

Are you ready to be a millionaire? Of course you are.

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Growing your Horizons with Success

Growing your Horizons with SuccessNow that we have identified your personal meaning and your perspective regarding failure and success, it’s time to move together towards growing your horizons with success. Achieving success is okay but growing your horizons with the success that you have achieved is another thing. It goes with the saying that once you sow success, you will reap success. True success is not your highly fantasized one-day billionaire dream. True success is continuous, spontaneous and unselfish. Let me point out these three.

Why success must be continuous

You must realize that success is not a one-time deal. Success must be continuous; you must sow the seeds of success in order to reap success. Success will not prolong on its own. You, as the one who attains it must be responsible to continue it and achieve greater heights. Here’s a key note: success is not the lax kind.

Why success must be spontaneous

Once you adopted the mentality that success must be continuous, and then it’s time to adopt the mentality that success must be spontaneous. Success does not stop in one place. It will continue, be spontaneous and will grow into another set of success. Take a look at the world’s greatest innovators: Edison, Ford, Jobs, Gates, etc. They know the continuity and spontaneity of success. No wonder their hard work paid off, they built companies that lasted for generations and left enduring legacies to our civilization. Believe you me, everybody can achieve that kind of success and they must first recognize that success must continue and be spontaneous.

Why success must be unselfish

Lastly, success is certainly unselfish. Why? Success is meant to be shared, not locked and kept away in a dusty cabinet. Success is meant to be shared. And once success is shared, and then it goes full circle to becoming continuous, spontaneous and shared again. It also creates a good feeling to see others becoming successful too. And you know what; you may have contributed to creating the world a much better place to live in.

So this will be the last part of the series and hope to see you again in the future blog posts.

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Humility with Success

Humility with SuccessWe have discussed how to deal with failures in the previous post. Now we will be talking about success. Isn’t it a sweet word? Success. Whenever we dream of being successful in life, we like to achieve things that leave our mark, earn prestige from and some say gain happiness from. The first two descriptions refer to the physical marks of success but the latter – success is happiness is a misconception of the majority.

Yes. Believe it or not. Success is not equated with happiness. Sure, people can be successful without being happy. They can also be happy without being too successful. We all want success in our lives but as we have discussed in the previous post – most of the times the precursor to success is a dose of failure.

Now, while achieving success, let me ask this question: how do you handle yourself when you continuously achieve success? There is a common perception that some people – who achieved massive success change their attitudes at the height of it. Some of these changes are regarded positive like the sharing of your success to others so that they can be successful too, while on the other hand, the negative attitude changes like arrogance and the tendency to underestimate others.

That is why the question of how do you handle yourself in the midst of success determines your attitude towards it. Achieving success in this life is like catching the golden snitch, there are obstacles in our path and it depends on us how we will handle success. If you hold it loosely, it will fly away. If you hold it tightly, it may not be able to flap its wings. I bet Harry Potter surely knows how to chase success as evidenced by his achievements as a seeker in the series.

Humility in the midst of success is the best mindset and attitude. For when you allow success go into your head and develop arrogance later on, you will miss out the true worth of success. Remember this line: There is a thin line between arrogance and self-confidence. Arrogance during success can ruin relationships, narrows your perspective, builds a false sense of ego and creates an untoward atmosphere at work. Keeping your feet on the ground is the best attitude when it comes to handling success.

See you until the next post!

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Meeting Failures

Meeting Failures“Life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you gonna get.”

That simple quote came from the famous movie, Forrest Gump in which Tom Hanks played the protagonist, Forrest who encountered a number of failures in life and unwittingly, turned them into success of his own. And yes, even left a mark in US history – in a fictional way that is.

In reality, our lives are also similar to that movie. We are all Forrest Gump anyway. We all have own set of failures and success. But what makes the difference is our attitude in meeting those failure and success. Do you have the positive attitude towards failure? Do you have the humble attitude towards success?

Remember the simple exercise we made in the previous post – writing down your own meaning of failure and success. If you can read it again, it also reflects our life philosophies towards those two terms, the way we value things that revolve around failure and success and a hint of our attitude whenever we encounter them in our lives.

John Maxwell, the famous motivational speaker and author of REAL Leadership series, once quipped that in order to succeed, you must fail forward. What he means, failing forward is to accept the reality that in life, you will never succeed if you didn’t meet failure first and the first way of overcoming failure is through maintaining a positive attitude towards it – hence, the failing forward philosophy.

Life is not always a sunny day. There will be always clouds that will hover from time to time and bad weather is an occasional event. So do failures. When we are hit with the hardest failures of our lives, we tend to feel like quitting and lose our interest the way we do things. But then again, you will realize the worth of the failure you encountered when that failure made you strong, made you hope again and made you overcome another obstacle in your life.

Again, it all boils down to the positive attitude that we have in life, whenever we meet failures, either in personal relationships, work or school. Failures are there to make us better actually. We may feel suck about it at first but when we pushed ourselves harder, you will realize that failure made you do so.

To end this post, let us think that life is not perfection. There will be always failure. And it pays to fail forward.

See you in the next post!

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The Meaning of Failure and Success

The Meaning of Failure and Success This post will start with 2 simple questions: how do you define failure? How do you define success?

Why I asked for such questions? Simply because we have our own personal gauge of determining what is failure and what is success for us. Some people determine failure and success through wealth, health, personal achievement throughout the years, the variety of their life experiences, the depth and expertise in a particular set of knowledge etc.

The way we define failure and success also reflects the kinds of values that we have – from the life philosophies down to the things we put value on. So have you asked yourself at this moment: how do I define failure? How do I define success? If you have a piece of paper and a pen, try writing your own definition as you read this post.

After creating your own definitions, try to read it again. Most of you will define failure as the inability of achieving something you cherished. Some of you would even think that failure is a hindrance to success. Others would think that failure is a result of poor choices and decision making. Success on the other hand, will be defined as the ability of achieving something, the result of hard work and some will even say that success is equated with happiness.

Again, let me make this point: there is no right and wrong definition of failure and success. Your own definition of these two terms depends on how you see them in your own perspective. The moment you identify your personal perspectives in terms of failure and success, the more you will be able to understand your life’s encounters with them.

In the next post, we will tackle point number 2: your attitude towards failure and success. See you until the next post.

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Dealing with Failure and Success

Dealing with Failure and Success

Failure and success are considered as some sort of yin and yang in our lives. Both terms are complementary – without failure, there will be no success and in the midst of success, there will be failures along the way. Both terms also describe the imperfections of life. There is no life that is lived purely on success and there is no life lived purely on failure. Have you ever thought of a successful person to have purely achieved success in his first try? Even the well-known personalities that we see and hear in media have met considerable success and failures along their journey.

There are certain questions that we need to ask ourselves whenever we deal with failures and success in our lives. The following questions are:

  1. How well do you understand failure and success?
  2. What is your attitude towards meeting failure and achieving success?
  3. How do you see your horizon / personal growth together with these two terms?

The questions are fundamental in creating our own philosophical belief about failures and success. Sure, every person has their own belief when it comes to these things. Both terms are actually malleable enough to suit the belief of each individual. It actually goes down to the results to see if their belief about failures and success produce the results they need or maybe they need to re-vision or reshape their belief.

This will be a series towards dealing with failures and success. So in the next posts, we will take the journey together in unravelling our path together with failure and success.

See you on the next post!

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