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5 Ways of Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

All types of businesses today whether online or offline can certainly benefit from social media marketing which is why many smart small business owners are making good use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like as marketing tools.

Here are some ideas on how you can effectively use social media as a marketing tool for your small business.

1. Use social media to increase awareness for your brand

Social media is a very powerful and cheap way to increase awareness for your brand. You can get thousands of eyeballs for a few dollars and gain loyal followers along with it. The technique is to separate your brand from yourself. With Facebook, you do this by creating Facebook pages. If you’re using other social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest, it’s often better to create a separate account for your business.

2. Engage with your target audience through photos

Text is boring. People like photos. So go ahead and take photos of your products, your office, your staff, your customers, etc and post them online. Social media marketing is not just about selling, it’s about breaking the cold barrier of the computer screen as well so be creative. Take photos of anything that identifies with your brand and create a story around it.

3. Make use of videos to foster a closer relationship with your customers

What’s better than photos? VIDEOS of course. Take a video of you working, of customers buying, of your community, of people saying good things about your brand and product and so on. Upload it to Facebook and YouTube, share it everywhere. Photos satisfy the eye but videos satisfy both eyes and ears. You can also do a live stream so you can interact with your customers in real time.

4. Run simple contests

The thing I like about contests is that it both bring fun into your business and also bring in new customers. Simple Twitter raffle contests can double your following in a short period of time. The secret is to keep it simple. It’s not like you’re doing a game show. You’re simply trying to have fun with your target customers while at the same time making them know about your brand and service.

5. Customer service

Customer service solutions online are expensive and outsourcing to a call center can burn a hole in your pocket especially if you’re just starting out. Encourage your customers to reach out to you through social media if they have questions and/or problems about your product. Just make sure to get back to them in a timely manner.

The benefits of social media marketing in any small business is so great that it’s always a good idea to incorporate it in your business strategy. It’s a very cheap way to build your brand while at the same time earning consumer trust.


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