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Best Business in the Philippines for OFW’s

What are the best business ideas and good investment opportunities ideal for OFW’s in the Philippines? This is perhaps the most common question that any industrious and forward-looking OFW is asking and indeed it’s a good question to ask – what is the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

While life abroad may be good, retiring at home here in the Philippines is what most OFWs really desire. Before you can retire though, you will have to make some long term investments by building businesses that will keep the cash flowing.

Before I give you a list of possible ideas and opportunities, left’s first define the difference between a business and an investment.

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Business vs Investment

I’ll make this simple – a business is an investment but an investment is not necessarily a business. Also, you a business is something that you invest in.

Investment is defined as the action or process of putting money in for profit. Business on the other hand means the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce. There is a slight difference between the two.

A business requires that you “work” on it wherein an investment simply means putting money into something. Starting your own business means you’re directly involved in its operations. On the other hand, you can just simply invest on someone else’s business and not worry about operating it. Am I making sense here?

So, should you start your own business or just invest in someone else’s? Truth is you can do both but if you’re like me you like to get hands on and get things done, right?

Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities

So what’s the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s? Check my top 3 list below.

Start an Online Business

More and more OFWs realize the power of the internet. I am a living example of someone who uses the internet to make a living. The biggest chunk of my income is coming from the internet. I’m telling you – it works.

There are many ways to make money online such as blogging, affiliate marketing, ebay and other similar stuff.

Pro: Easy and cheap to start.

Con: Learning it might take quite some time.

Food Business

Filipinos love to eat. This means that going into the food business can make you big bucks. You can franchise a food cart or start a small restaurant. One thing that’s getting more and more popular right now are food parks – it’s essentially the typical food court that you see in big malls but located outside.

Pro: People eat everyday which means there will always be sales.

Con: Spoilage. Food don’t really last that long.

Get Into Direct Selling

Many people don’t think of direct selling as a business but here’s what I can tell you – if you know how to do it right, you can transform it from the typical “maglalako” type of making money into a thriving business with your own salespeople doing all the selling for you.

There are many direct selling companies in the Philippines and thousands of Pinoys, many of which are former OFWs, are making big bucks out of it.

Pro: Easy and cheap to get started

Con: Can be hard at first but the benefits are very good anyway.

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Conclusion: The best business in the Philippines for OFW

There are many more ways to invest and do business in the Philippines but you can’t really try all of them. OWWA provides help on this matter as well.

Mike Lopez - Business ConsultantI know that OFWs work very hard to earn money in order to finance the needs of their loved ones which is why I believe OFWs need a guide in order to achieve success in finding the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

Nobody wants their hard-earned money to go into waste which is why I created a 3-day email course with the sole purpose of helping transform OFWs into full-time world-class entrepreneurs.

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Yes, I am an OFW and I Want to Start My Own Business in the Philippines

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Typical Cost to Start an Online Retail Business

Low budget and easy to start, people worldwide are starting their own online business by the minute. How much does it cost to start one, that is an online retail business? And what’s the best strategy to utilize?

I know that all you want is the info so I won’t bug you down with words. Here we go.

Online Business Average Costs

Note, if you’re selling physical products you will also have to consider shipping which is why I suggest that you start with digital products instead.

You see, you can an online business for less than $50.

Online Business Strategy

My strategy is simple.

  1. Choose a Product to Sell
  2. Create a WordPress website about the product you’re selling
  3. Create a Facebook Page about the problems/solutions that your product solves
  4. Create 3-5 blog posts every week on your website talking about how your product can solve different problems
  5. Share your blog posts to your Facebook Page. Tip, you can do this automatically with a free WordPress plugin called JetPack. While you’re at it, why not share it on Twitter and LinkedIn as well?

I now do this over and over again for multiple products most of which are digital.

The Harsh Truth

The truth is that while it’s both cheap and simple, it can be confusing and overwhelming which is why I recommend that you get some free training. Good thing is that I know of a site that teaches this kind of things for FREE. They’re the best I found online. Click here to start your free training.


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How to start a small business in Philippines with minimal capital

So you’re thinking of starting your business in the Philippines but only want to spend a small capital probably because you’re just starting or now or just simply because you’re in a tight budget. I hear this a lot from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), long-time office employees and even students.

Truth is it’s actually possible to start a business with a capital of around 5,000 to 15,000 Pesos and I’ve seen many people do it. In fact I did it myself and it works.

To do this, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. What products are sellable to Pinoys?
  2. Where can I find a supplier that will give me somewhere around 10% to 30% discount?
  3. How can I start?

Here are my results.

What products are sellable to Filipinos?

This was the easiest part. I quickly found out that we Pinoys love our health and our looks so the obvious answer here is health and wellness. The good part about this is that most wellness products do not spoil (unlike food products).

Who’s the best supplier of Health and Wellness products in the Philippines?

I searched high and low and my search brought me to the network marketing industry. With the myriad choices I have in choosing a network marketing company, I ended up with Royale Business Club for the following reasons:

  • Royale’s standards are high
  • The efficacy of the products and the presentation are top-notch
  • As a distributor, I get 20% to 30% discount on all products
  • No quota and no minimum orders
  • Lots of branches and satellite centers nationwide

How to start a business with Royale?

This was a breeze. All I needed to do was watch a 1-hour business presentation and then purchase either a “Neo Package”, “Starter Lite Package” or “Starter Package”.

Neo Package is the cheapest but I went for the Starter Package as the benefits and income potential were way better.

How am I doing now with Royale?

I’m now part of the “millionaires’ circle” and gladly earning passive income on a weekly basis. I told everybody about my business and now people are coming to our house to purchase Royale products (some also end up signing up as a distributor like me).

But why Network Marketing?

Network marketing allows me to start my business with very little overhead. I purchased a package, sold its contents and easily got my money back. This is honestly the fastest R.O.I. I ever had in my entire business career (tried computer shops, trainings, etc). I also get to enjoy all of the company’s existing and upcoming infrastructure nationwide and worldwide. The best part however is I get to do it at my own pace – no pressure whatsoever.

You want to start a small business and you want it affordable – this is how I did it, and you can do it too. Post a comment below and let me know that you’re interested.

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