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Why Filipinos don’t believe that they can be millionaires

Filipinos believe too much in luck that whenever we see someone become successful we’d often say “ang swerte naman nya” [he’s so lucky]. We usually chalk up people’s success to luck that we oftentimes neglect to see all the hard work that a successful person did before he even became successful.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with “Manong” – an old dude who used to run a (very) small vulcanizing shop in front of our house.

Me: Ganda ng sports car nya [Cool sports car] (pointing to a brand new Porsche 911 parked across the street)

Manong: Sinwerte siguro siya [He probably had some good luck]

I know the owner of the Porsche and I know for a fact that he worked hard to get it and if luck had any part in it, it’d just be that he’s lucky to have a millionaire’s mindset.

And that my friends is the problem. We believe too much in luck to the point that we’re blinded to the truth that we are just a lazy bunch (mostly). Let’s be honest here- when was the last time that you worked your butt off non-stop for a month to achieve one specific goal?

The good news though is that I sense change in the atmosphere, one that says that we Pinoys are learning to believe that we can achieve greater goals in life than what we’re used to. In the past 10 years, I’ve met successful Pinoys and had the opportunity to download their brains and guess what they all have in common? A millionaire’s mindset that drives them to first believe that they can do it which then drives them even further to work like crazy non-stop everyday until they either reach their goal or die trying. Unsurprisingly, most of them are network marketers.

Would they have succeeded if they were in a business other than network marketing? Probably though most of them were pushed into what they are today by the trainings they had in the network marketing industry.

Do you have to be a networker in order to be a Pinoy millionaire? By no means but you do need to have a millionaire’s mindset and network marketing can help you with that transformation.

Are you ready to be a millionaire? Of course you are.

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