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Future and Scope Of Multi-Level Marketing As An Alternative Employment Source

The industry of multi-level marketing is becoming quite popular among budding entrepreneurs and people from different walks of life. The sole reason for this increasing popularity is that it offers every people to set their own home business with attractive financial opportunities. In addition to that, people do enjoy freedoms like fixing their own job hours along with developing their own marketing and product selling strategies without any kind of interference. Here they have the right to claim their legitimate financial shares not only from their personal sales but also that from their down-line members.

In the multi-level marketing sector there is always an increased demand of hard working employees and this demand never extinguishes even during tight situation like that of global recession. For college students this sector provides the appropriate platform to receive training on product selling and to hone marketing skills under the supervision of experienced distributors without spending any money from the pocket.

The Multi-level marketing industry will soon become the most suitable form of alternative employment opportunities even for the highly qualified professionals. It is because in the coming days this industry will be the sole guiding force to dominate the world economy. This strategic commercial model will also present the opportunity of earning part time incomes for retired people and those working in other service sectors. In order to join in this lucrative sector there is no need of acquiring special educational qualification except simple application of common sense while selling and marketing products before the target customers.

Firms following this business model have been able to maximize the sale and marketing of their products and services to the fullest extent. It has also helped them in earning highest possible revenues in every year. Using this strategic business model companies like Qivana, Sunrider, Fuxion and many more have been able to be in constant touch with the changing tastes and preferences of the customers when it comes to buy and choose new products and services. These firms are also helping distributors with the options of leading luxurious life with greater financial autonomy through their unique and effective compensation plans.

These compensation plans play a vital role in the sector of multi-level marketing in determining the hardworking initiative of the distributors to reward them adequately with robust bonuses and incentives along with the opportunity to spend vacation in exotic places. So without wasting any more time people must enroll in this sector early for leading a happy and joyous life with family and friends forever.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9427771

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How to start a small business in Philippines with minimal capital

So you’re thinking of starting your business in the Philippines but only want to spend a small capital probably because you’re just starting or now or just simply because you’re in a tight budget. I hear this a lot from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), long-time office employees and even students.

Truth is it’s actually possible to start a business with a capital of around 5,000 to 15,000 Pesos and I’ve seen many people do it. In fact I did it myself and it works.

To do this, I asked myself the following questions:

  1. What products are sellable to Pinoys?
  2. Where can I find a supplier that will give me somewhere around 10% to 30% discount?
  3. How can I start?

Here are my results.

What products are sellable to Filipinos?

This was the easiest part. I quickly found out that we Pinoys love our health and our looks so the obvious answer here is health and wellness. The good part about this is that most wellness products do not spoil (unlike food products).

Who’s the best supplier of Health and Wellness products in the Philippines?

I searched high and low and my search brought me to the network marketing industry. With the myriad choices I have in choosing a network marketing company, I ended up with Royale Business Club for the following reasons:

  • Royale’s standards are high
  • The efficacy of the products and the presentation are top-notch
  • As a distributor, I get 20% to 30% discount on all products
  • No quota and no minimum orders
  • Lots of branches and satellite centers nationwide

How to start a business with Royale?

This was a breeze. All I needed to do was watch a 1-hour business presentation and then purchase either a “Neo Package”, “Starter Lite Package” or “Starter Package”.

Neo Package is the cheapest but I went for the Starter Package as the benefits and income potential were way better.

How am I doing now with Royale?

I’m now part of the “millionaires’ circle” and gladly earning passive income on a weekly basis. I told everybody about my business and now people are coming to our house to purchase Royale products (some also end up signing up as a distributor like me).

But why Network Marketing?

Network marketing allows me to start my business with very little overhead. I purchased a package, sold its contents and easily got my money back. This is honestly the fastest R.O.I. I ever had in my entire business career (tried computer shops, trainings, etc). I also get to enjoy all of the company’s existing and upcoming infrastructure nationwide and worldwide. The best part however is I get to do it at my own pace – no pressure whatsoever.

You want to start a small business and you want it affordable – this is how I did it, and you can do it too. Post a comment below and let me know that you’re interested.

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Why Filipinos don’t believe that they can be millionaires

Filipinos believe too much in luck that whenever we see someone become successful we’d often say “ang swerte naman nya” [he’s so lucky]. We usually chalk up people’s success to luck that we oftentimes neglect to see all the hard work that a successful person did before he even became successful.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with “Manong” – an old dude who used to run a (very) small vulcanizing shop in front of our house.

Me: Ganda ng sports car nya [Cool sports car] (pointing to a brand new Porsche 911 parked across the street)

Manong: Sinwerte siguro siya [He probably had some good luck]

I know the owner of the Porsche and I know for a fact that he worked hard to get it and if luck had any part in it, it’d just be that he’s lucky to have a millionaire’s mindset.

And that my friends is the problem. We believe too much in luck to the point that we’re blinded to the truth that we are just a lazy bunch (mostly). Let’s be honest here- when was the last time that you worked your butt off non-stop for a month to achieve one specific goal?

The good news though is that I sense change in the atmosphere, one that says that we Pinoys are learning to believe that we can achieve greater goals in life than what we’re used to. In the past 10 years, I’ve met successful Pinoys and had the opportunity to download their brains and guess what they all have in common? A millionaire’s mindset that drives them to first believe that they can do it which then drives them even further to work like crazy non-stop everyday until they either reach their goal or die trying. Unsurprisingly, most of them are network marketers.

Would they have succeeded if they were in a business other than network marketing? Probably though most of them were pushed into what they are today by the trainings they had in the network marketing industry.

Do you have to be a networker in order to be a Pinoy millionaire? By no means but you do need to have a millionaire’s mindset and network marketing can help you with that transformation.

Are you ready to be a millionaire? Of course you are.

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5 Businesses that will make you money this 2017

There’s something about new years that push people to think of business ideas to make money whether it be offline or online. Now that 2017 is fast approaching I think it’s about time to think again.

I created for you a short list of businesses that make money that you might want to take a look at.


The beauty with blogging is that it’s easy to get started. If you love writing articles and coming up with useful content in the 300-500 word range then you must try this out.

Just about any topic can be monetized these days. All you need to do is to think of a topic that you really like talking about and start writing about them.

The most common way to make money in the blogging business is by selling ad-space on your site. You can also use ad networks such as Adsense that will automatically put relevant advertisement on your site.

Done right, you can make thousands of dollars blogging.

Web Design / Development

This I’ve been in this business for YEARS and it’s still a great money-maker. Obviously, it’s not something that you can start right away unless you already know how to build websites.

If however you are technically inclined then it might be a good idea to invest some time sharpening your HTML, CSS & PHP skills. Good news is that you don’t have to be a geek to create websites nowadays because you can easily create professional websites with WordPress.

One thing’s for sure – businesses that make money usually have websites which makes it a good business idea to create websites for them.

Search Engine Optimization

The world wide web is filled with websites trying to make money. There are millions of websites competing for people’s attention and it’s so hard nowadays that ranking in search engines is now a full-fledged business.

If you choose to offer web design / development then you must also think of search engine optimization as part of your business offer. Furthermore you can also offer SEO to businesses that already have existing websites.

The idea is simple, improve search engine rankings of websites for certain keywords that make sense for their business and get paid doing it.

Affiliate Marketing

Don’t have time to create a blog or learn web development? No problem! You can always give affiliate marketing a try. All you need to do is sell other people’s products and earn a commission on each sale made.

My favorite site to hunt for awesome affiliate products is ClickBank. It has a huge database of products that you can sell and you can get as much as 75% in commission per sale.

I’ve met and talked with people who make thousands of dollars per month in affiliate marketing sales.

Network Marketing

What I love about network marketing is that you don’t have to be skilled in anything in order to succeed in this business. As long as your determined and focused, this business is a great money making idea to try.

It’s a lot similar to affiliate marketing in that you make money from commissions. The additional beauty of this though is that you also make money from your team’s sales.

So yeah, you need to build a team and some are better than others when it comes to creating a great team BUT everybody can build a team – small or big.

The best part about network marketing is that once you’ve properly laid the foundations, you can have a constant stream of passive income day in and day out.

Truth be told, there are thousands of business ideas that really make money nowadays. The only reason why I listed these 5 is because I’ve done them all and I know they work.

Business ideas really are a dime a dozen. In the end, it all boils down on how much money you want to make and how much are you willing invest (time, money and more) in building your business.


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Why Do People Have Negative Thoughts About Network Marketing and Home Based Business Opportunities?

There comes a point in life where you can feel stuck. In general or in certain areas of your live. Financially, with your job, in your relationship. When we feel we have reached that point, we start to feel uncomfortable or bored. We need a new challenge… something exciting. In my last article I explained how the law of attraction works. So when you feel you are ready for something new… usually something will appear to you. It can be meeting new friends, a new job, a new relationship. Whatever catches your eye… you will be open for.

Let’s say that you are a employee at a big company. You work inside a big office 5 days a week. You have your own desk, your own computer and you have to spend 1 hour of going trough traffic every day. You have a reasonable income, you have a good relationship and you own your own home. Nothing wrong with that! Sounds like a good life. Right?

But you can’t help feeling there is something missing.You can not point your finger at it… but it feels like there is a empty space inside you. You try to ignore it, you try not to think about it. And as time passes… you will slowly lose this feeling. But after a few months this feeling comes back again… and it feels even stronger then before. You are not satisfied with your life. You need something to change… but what? You start to look for answers, you will Google sports, holidays, trips, lifestyle. Looking for things that will satisfy this feeling you have. But what you are actually doing is looking for a reason, a way to escape from the life you are in right now.

Often we use the internet to look for information about certain subjects… or to make contact with our friends or to find new ones. Social media is a great platform to use. You can reach the world and the world can reach you! This is also the home and world of entrepreneurs and network marketeers. They know like no other how to use this platform to connect and to market. It is not difficult to find a new opportunity or someone that will show one to you.

When this feeling happened to me… I did the exact same thing. I was looking for trips, holidays and weekend retreats to escape from this feeling. When I started to search for the real reason it brought me to ME. There was nothing wrong with my life… it was ME. But how do I change myself… and what do I have to change. I started to focus on the feeling that I had been having.Why do I feel empty or why do I feel there is something missing? It took me some time to figure this out… but I did. It was the feeling that I missed out on things in life because I did not live it to the fullest of my potential. Oke… let me repeat that again! I did not live my life to the fullest of my potential? So I have more potential then I have been using up till now? Wow!

As soon as I found out that this was causing this feeling it brought a whole new perspective. I started with analyzing my job. Is this the job that I want to do for the rest of my life? NO. Why isn’t this the job that I want to do the rest of my life? Because I can do and be more then I am doing right now. Why am I still doing this job? Because it is easy, safe and secure. This made me realize that I was doing this in all areas of my life. It was not challenging anymore. With this new information I had the change to make different choices. And I decided to turn my life around.

Of course this is easier said then done… you are not going to quit your job just like that. But you can look for more ways and more possibilities to use your time in a more satisfying way. You can focus on a new future… and start making new choices that will satisfy the new you. When you start to think and act like this… you are open for new things and opportunities. My new opportunity came to me about 3 years ago. A family member introduced me to network marketing. I had never heard of it before and I decided to take a look at it. Because it was mentioned to me by a family member I trusted this to be something good… something of value.

When I first started out I thought it was an easy way to earn some extra money. But when I got more familiar with the concept, the company, the products, the people behind it like coaches and trainers, I discovered that this is a real job! Not a get rich quick thing!! I discovered that it would take true and honest hard work, learning how to communicate and talk to people, learning how to market yourself, your business and your products. It takes time to learn and master all the skills. But the most important thing I learned is mindset. You need to have the right mindset. With mindset I mean… learn how to think in a positive way and learn how to have enough self confidence. There comes a point where you will have to step out of your comfort zone. Why, because you will meet a lot of negative minded people, know it all people and people that will try to bring you down. Why… I really didn’t know at first. But I slowly began to learn why.

I have had a lot of different jobs in my life. But I can honestly say that being in Network Marketing has taught me the most about myself. It is a great way to grow and develop yourself. Why, because you only get paid when you do something. You will only reach a certain income if you work for it. And working in Network Marketing means talking, communicating, market, be creative. It means taking yourself to a level where you can handle all kinds of people and be successful at it.

When I tried to tell my friends and family about my new opportunity the responses were from ”great” to ”how dare you speak to me about that, it will ruin your life, it will bring you down” Wow! Why do people have such a negative reaction to something that was so positive and exciting to me?

I discovered that people fear what they don’t know. They have the tendency to protect you and talk you out of it. Others are amazed that they did not hear about something like this themselves. And when they see that you are all fired up and excited about something they don’t know about, they don’t want you to do it either. They don’t want you to succeed in something they are not a part of. Then we have people that can’t stand the idea that you might be successful in anything, they are jealous and will do anything to talk you out of it. And the last group of people have heard about it from a cousin that has a neighbour that has a brother that heard of a friend that long ago joined a business just like mine… and told him that it didn’t work.


I quickly learned not to pay any attention to this kind of people, because it will lead to nothing and it will only waste your time and energy. I simply told them, oke so this is not the right time for you… or it isn’t a fit for you right now… but maybe you’ll like the products. I also learned where to find people that are interested and like to learn more about what it is your excited about. And that brings us back to the internet. Where people like you and me are looking for something new and exciting that will give their lives a more rewarding feeling.

So what it all comes down to… you change when you choose a different path for your life. You change and grow as a person… and not everybody is going to like that. A lot of people are not happy and satisfied. And when they see and hear the new and exciting you, it is like a mirror for themselves. By growing and learning… you show others that they are not happy and fulfilled with their own life. This is not your problem. You can tell and show them what you know. The rest is up to them. And many years later when they are still at the same point and not happy and satisfied, and they ask you how you did it? You can say… I tried to show you!

I have been in Network Marketing for 3 years now… and I feel so blessed to be in this profession. It gave me back myself. It gave me self respect, it gave me fulfillment in many ways. It taught me how to communicate, how to market, how to meet new people. And most of all it gave me a new future with bigger goals, bigger dreams and a unstoppable motivation to succeed and help other succeed too. There is not a profession in this whole world were you can grow this fast and create your own business, unlimited income and financial freedom with a residual income.

I would really love to hear your story! Ask me anything about this article or Network Marketing, Online Marketing, Health products, Positive Mindset, Law of attraction or Business Opportunities… you name it.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9523764

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Examining the Evolution of Network Marketing

Where it all started

Amway was one of the leading companies in the Mutl-level Marketing industry. Back in 1959, MLM was just being introduced into the marketing giving individuals a way to earn money sharing products and saving the company a lot of advertising dollars. The pitch was by becoming an Associate and marketing the companies products, the money the company would save on advertising could be paid to the Associates doing the product promotion. There are many people whom years later regretted not getting in on Amway when it was a ground floor opportunity.

No more door-to-door selling for network marketers

For those that have lived the last 6 decades, we were witness to the birth and growth of the network marketing industry. Many of us experienced the struggles of trying to connect with new prospects for the MLMs we took part in. We remember setting up appointments and driving to someone’s home to give them our sales pitch. Now we are in the age of computers and no longer are we limited to building our down-line organization via local connections in small communities and local cities. With the Internet, we are now able to build our business and sponsor people not just across the United States, but world wide.

The first king of multi-level marketing

Many whom read this article will not recognize the name Dexter Yager. Dexter became an Associate of Amway a short time after the companies birth. He came up with a plan to build his network which was to help each person he sponsored to get their first 5 signups. Whenever the Associate had an appointment scheduled with a prospect, he would go to the Associate’s home and do the presentation. By doing this, each of his Associates learned the script or at least had a good foundation and knowledge of how to pitch new prospects. After he helped the Associate get their first 5 signups, they then went on to do the same with each of the people whom they sponsored. Dexter’s down-line organization ended up being more than 50% of Amway’s marketing arm. This should be giving you an idea of what you can do to help grow your own team of networkers in whatever business you are promoting.

Here we are approaching 2020 in a whole new world of Network Marketing

Many of today’s challenges include those of yesteryear however we also have a new set of challenges to master. In the age of computer and the Internet, network marketing companies can grow at an accelerated pace. A person whom signs up in a network marketing company can have a down-line organization of hundreds just overnight. I know because I have experienced that myself. In one business, I connected with a person in India and I watched literally dozens of people signing up each hour. In India, when they sign up in an MLM business, they get on the phone and sign up someone else and then another and another.

A person can experience an explosion of growth by finding the right people to sponsor. But for many of us, we don’t have a personal mailing list with thousands of names on it. You can only post information about your business so many time on Facebook or Twitter before you start losing connections and sometimes even friends.

Lead generation ~ one of the keys to successful network marketing

We can grow our team faster than they did back in the 50s and 60s but we still need to get the leads of people to pitch to. There are several ways to get leads; pay for them, go lead digging to find them and there are ways to get free leads. Even after getting leads especially free leads, one still has to learn how to connect with the lead, followup and eventually get to the prize which is signing them up in your business.

People whom are new to network marketing need coaching. Just like Dexter Yager did years ago, the people you sponsor need someone to coach them and work with them to learn the process. With the right leads program, training on how to connect and communicate with prospect, keep track of their progress, appointment, etc., new associates/affiliate can learn to become successful home business owners and earn incomes that are reflective of the work they put into building their business. If you are a good team leader and make sure those you sponsor learn to duplicate your process then they can do the same for those they sponsor. You either do all the work yourself or you teach your associates so they can work too. Show them how to get free leads that work and up everyone’s recruitment rate.

“How to” marketing for your home based business today’s market. Go here to see how you can bring your marketing into the 21st century. Learn how to get free fresh leads daily and create the ultimate down-line explosion. Go to PiiPowerInfinity

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9523821

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List Building Ideas for 2017

The money is in the list. If I got a dollar every time I heard or read that phrase, I’ll be well… I’ll have lots of dollars. It’s been said a thousand times and it’ll be spoken of even more.

Because that’s the simple truth. You’re wasting money if you don’t have an email list.

This year, one of major internet marketing goals is to create a brand new list of 50,000 subscribers from scratch. I’ll be doing it from scratch so I can show my network marketing team how to do it from start to finish.

Here are three ideas that I’ve been playing around with in my head.

  1. Contest
  2. Podcasting
  3. Free membership site on network marketing

The details.


I’ve been wanting to try this out for a very long time but can’t find a foolproof win-win situation that’ll work for the network marketing audience. After much deliberation with myself (hundreds of hours of sleepless nights and talking to myself in the mirror) I figured that the best way to do this is by creating a tiered system that will reward people for their efforts.

I can’t give out much detail for obvious reasons but here’s a clue – the more you refer the closer you get to winning.

I like the “referral” idea as it fits perfectly in the network marketing world.


I always wanted to be a talk show host so why not be one? The beauty of podcasting is that it touches the tech-savvy network marketing people who’d love to listen to stuff while driving, working out, etc.

Plus I get to broadcast my nice voice to the world.

Free membership site

Last but not least – creating a membership site. All I need for this is WordPress and WishList Member and I’m all set. The hard part is creating content that will be of use to my network marketing prospects but then with a little extra effort, I think I’ll be able to pull this off too.

The overall idea is to provide quality content and fun to as many people as possible in exchange of their email address.

What about you? What list building ideas do you have for 2017?


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When Should You Worry About Your MLM Leadership Role?

Should you worry about your business and leadership role? Probably, if you’re going under and losing teammates. If your churn rate is high around 50% a month, there is a major problem. Usually, this happens to bad leadership, incompetent training and or various other reasons. Transparency and honesty is the only things that you have to use to convince people your business is worth it. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, the MLM industry is not known for a stable income or healthy relationships with its members. It’s up to you to develop a role and skills that are useful and can be replicated by others. Being a bully doesn’t cut the mustard. Your skills with people and technology are key factors in many elements, but are not the only ones.

Problems that affect your MLM Leadership

Bad training, bad communication, indecision, lies and others affect your leadership. If a teammate catches you doing one or worse of the items above, you may not be respected at the very least. You may end up driving away your down line. This is not healthy for a business such as yours. You cannot be inept as a leader as well. You need to have the skills and ability to make decisions effectively to keep a team together. One of the worse skills not to have is the listening skill. If you cannot listen, then you cannot lead. Your team will have questions and will look for you for answers. Your training material cannot cover it all, even if you split it into chunks and expand upon it. Everyone’s situation is a little different than yours. You can provide wisdom and guidance as best as you can. Your experience is the key to helping others.

Save your business by stepping away

If you truly want to save your business, you may have to step away for a day or two. Get a clear head and analyze everything that you can. Go over old emails, start listening and then respond, answer questions and provide clarity. Change your habits and leadership style. Be open like a book, be ready for problems and refocus on serving others before yourself. Taking the time away can provide you some needed downtime to help you sort out the problems on your plate. It’s not easy, but if you truly want to have a good career. You will need to embrace the need to change for the better as a leader.

David L. Feinstein, noted business coach and home business entrepreneur, is the author of various articles and books that help to empower individuals. To get the real innovative marketing knowledge and training, so you can be at the cutting edge of using technology to build your internet network marketing business correctly, visit; http://www.DavidLFeinstein.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9524082

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How to Be Successful in Network Marketing in 6 Steps

Network marketing is a business model in which participants identify a company and promote its products and services for commission and other incentives with the ultimate goal of creating a stream of residual income system. It is a concept of free enterprise, which allows participants to build their individual network of marketers and earn as much as they can based on their performance.

Network marketing allows individual marketers or distributors to earn on their own efforts and that of their partners or team members.

To be successful in network marketing the emphasis should not be on products and services being promoted but on the business opportunity that the scheme affords its participants.

Many people join the scheme thinking it is a ‘get rich quick’ program that they can use to solve immediate financial needs. If that is the only reason you are in network marketing you may have to look at some other opportunities, as network marketing is for those who will be patient enough to see a business grow from the scratch.

Network marketing is not for the lazy folks but for those who are ready to put in the required hard work. And it is imperative to state here that if you put in the hard work you will surely reap the reward. Never sign up into a network marketing scheme when you are not prepared to put in the effort.

It does not matter what the promoters promised in the process of prospecting you, they will not help you to do the business when you eventually join. They can help you with trainings and materials supports but it will be rare for anyone to help you promote your own organization in the company.

In network marketing you are your own boss and your business is with you wherever you reside. With the use of the internet your business become global and borderless as you can do business with people anywhere there is internet around the world without you resident in those countries.

This post is all about how to be successful in network marketing in 6 steps.

1. Choose a company to join

There are many network marketing companies out there with fantastic products and services plus good compensation plans. The onus is on you to conduct the necessary search to identify a good company to work with. The following tips will help:

Firstly, the company must have physical address/location. It must be duly registered by necessary agencies of government. There should be a place where participants can go when in need of certain information or settlement apart from the websites.

Secondly, there must be products or services that the company is promoting. Ensure that the products and services are relevant and affordable. Also the products must be easy to use and understand. There should be no ambiguity in the deployment of the products. Products or services that require lots of explanation and conviction should be avoided.

Note that any scheme that reward based on recruitment and not on product or services sold is a ponzi scheme and should be discarded.

Thirdly, there must be compensation plan. That is what you are working for. It is the reason why you are in it! The compensation plan must be simple and achievable. Do not fall for unrealistic compensation plan. Avoid complicated plan that is not easily duplicated among team members. A good compensation plan is the one that is easily duplicated among team members notwithstanding their literacy level.

2. Be a customer of the company

That is one area many are failing in network marketing. Before you introduce a product to your friend and loved ones you must have had a feel of it. You must know what the product is all about. You must be willing to invest your personal cash if you want others to invest theirs.

Being a customer of the company makes you proud and confident about their product and business opportunity. There would be no sense of guilt when talking about the product since you have also bought for personal use.

3. Learn how the business works

This is a core requirement in network marketing. The more you learn the farther you will go in the business. Learn from the company through brochures, catalogues, CDs, fliers and special training and conferences.

Learn from those ahead of you in the company and business. There advice and counsel can go a long way in realizing your goals.

4. Create an online presence

Network marketing is often refers to as borderless business. In reality that will not be unless you have an online presence. The internet affords you the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world with little or no stress.

Some companies allow their distributors to create their own business websites to promote their businesses to the world. Take advantage of social sites and forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nairaland, Warrior’s forum to promote your business with prospective customers. The opportunities online are unlimited!

5. Refer others

This is what you always do. When you see a good restaurant for example you talk about it and so recommend it to friends and family. This is what network marketing is all about. You refer friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to the company to do the same thing you did.

You are not just marketing a product or service but you are helping people around you to benefit from a company’s product or service and its business opportunity.

The number to refer at first is based on the company’s compensation plan.

6. Duplicate again and again

An effective financial system is one that can be easily duplicated. The success of network marketers lies in their ability to duplicate the process again and again. It is not different from when in 9 to 5 job, you work month after months doing the same job in order to earn salary.

The same way, in network marketing, you keep repeating the process day after days in order to earn commissions, bonuses and other incentives. The faster you complete the process the better.

The above highlighted 6 steps if carefully followed will be of huge help to the success of any network marketer whose goal is to achieve success in network marketing.

I would like to hear from you also as your opinion can help many of my readers out there. Kindly share your thoughts about this post via the comment box below. And if this post will help someone around you feel free to share to your social circle

I am an independent researcher, network marketer, entrepreneur and preacher. I enjoy baking and eating cookies. I blog my opinion about issues at http://jonadorc.blogspot.com. Olusegun Abel resides with his wife and children in Lagos.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9527502

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5 Biblical Truths we can apply to Network Marketing

I love network marketing but I love biblical truths even more. As a Christian, it’s hard for me to separate my faith from my work which is why I came up with this list of biblical truths that we can apply to network marketing. Basically my humble attempt to bring Christianity into the network marketing industry.

It is common for us to cite Jesus calling his 12 disciples as an example of building a team and also his command to “go and make disciples” as a guide in what we try to achieve – that is to have more downlines but then there’s more.

I listed 5 biblical truths that I think are highly applicable to us network marketers.

Truth #1 – A Tree and its Fruit

Verse: Luke 6:43-45

“For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit,  for each tree is known by its own fruit. For figs are not gathered from thornbushes, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush.  The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”


  1. A network marketing company’s image is seen through its distributors.
  2. A team leader is known by the general actions and performance of his team.
  3. An honest (or dishonest) distributor is known by the type of offers he make.

Truth #2 – The Golden Rule

Verse: Matthew 7:12

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”


  1. Do you want your crosslines, uplines and downlines to help you? Help them first.
  2. If you treat other networkers badly then they will treat you badly as well.
  3. If you talk behind their backs then for sure they will do the same to you and probably destroy your image in the process as well.

Truth #3 – Helping Others

Verse: Galatians 6:2

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”


  1. Network marketing is all about people helping other people. The more you help, the more you succeed. Helping people is our way of life.
  2. A team leader must learn how to bear his team’s burdens if he wants his team to succeed.

Truth #4 – Servant of All

Verse: Mark 9:35

And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”


  1. Success in network marketing is achieved by serving your team and not by bossing them around.
  2. True network marketing leaders think of how they can serve their team better and not how they can make more money out of them.
  3. The best network marketing companies serve by always innovating and trying to make things easier for their distributors.

Truth #5 – Training

Verse: Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


  1. A new distributor is like a child as he learns the trade.
  2. It is up to the sponsor to train up his new distributor and lead him to success.
  3. A well trained distributor will not depart from his training as he moves on to the top.

The thing I love about this list is that it shows that we can do our network marketing business and still be reminded of how to do things right straight from the good book itself.

Any other biblical truths you can think of that we can apply in network marketing? Share them in the comments section below.

God bless you, your team and your business.

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