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What is True Business?

What is true business? A shocking 90% or more of the world population do not know what real business is. At that high of a percentage, you’re probably one of them.

I’ve outlined a few things for you to check below to help you answer the question of whether you have a true business. This of course is assuming that you believe that you own a business.

1. Are you required to work 8 to 9 hours everyday to in order for you to run your business?

If you have to work 8 to 9 hours everyday to run your business then there’s something wrong. You have to own your business and not the other way around.

2. Will your business run even if you’re out on an extended “quality time” vacation with your family?

If you can’t spend quality time with your family (cellphones and laptops off) for at least two weeks on vacation then your business is so dependent on your particular skill set. A true business should be able to run even if you’re out in the beach for and extended period of time.

3. Do you have employees working for you?

If you’re the only one in your “business” then many will argue (myself included) that you don’t have a real business. The main reason being employees are essentially extensions of yourself and basically pay them to run your business for you.

Fact is, you can’t do everything on your own because you won’t be able to scale up and your business will suffer.

4. Do you have duplicable system that allows others to run your business for you?

A business have many moving parts, even a small one. If you don’t have a duplicable system to run your business then you’re in big trouble. If for some reason one of your employees resign, not having a duplicable system means that the new guy has to start from scratch.

A duplicable system is like a factory, no matter who’s working on what section of the factory, the factory still keeps on running.

5. If you die, will your business live on?

If you die and your business dies with you then you don’t have a business. A business should be a separate entity on its own. Whether you started the business or someone handed it over to you, it should be able to live and die on its own time.

Scoring: You get 20% each time you answer YES to each of the questions above.

So what’s your score? Do you have a true business?

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Hard Work is Not Enough

Last week’s blog post talked about why hard work remains to be essential in our fast-paced modern world but truth be told, hard work is not enough.

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Working 8 hours per day not including the 1 to 2 hours preparation and travel time necessary to get to work
  2. Working on a construction site (dangers included)
  3. The pops and moms who work two jobs to make a living

Hard work? Yes. Is it enough? Obviously not!

So why is hard work not enough?

Because hard work alone will not give you a better life. The secret is to work hard on the right system. Here’s a simple formula:


What’s the right system?

To answer that, let’s look at the world’s most successful people and find something in common. Do they work 8 to 16 hours per day or do they run multiple businesses?

If you say business then you’re in good shape because you can see the light. You have to work hard on a system that brings you towards financial and time freedom. Anything other than that is not worth it.

Where should you start?

Network marketing is a good start. Before you say “boo” on what I just said, let me clarify a few things. Network marketing is not your business but it gives you the training you need to start your own business by:

  1. Training you to talk to people
  2. Training you to build your network
  3. Training you to train people
  4. Training you to sell
  5. Training you to help

That said you need to find a network marketing company that provides good training and doesn’t just rely on hyping up things.

I don’t advise staying in network marketing forever though (or jumping from one company to another as many network marketers do). Instead of just copying your upline, copy the company’s owner instead. Get my point? Build the business, design the system and let others follow the system you made.

Once more, let’s end this blog post with a few questions which I hope you’d find the time to answer in the comments section below:

  1. Do you have your own business?
  2. Do you have the skills necessary to run your own business?
  3. Do you agree that hard work is not enough? If not, please be kind enough to tell us why
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Why Hard Work is Still Essential

In a world where making money is apparently much easier than ever, people tend to become lazy, trying to look for no-sweat ways to make a buck. I’ve talked to many people saying that hard work is no longer needed. Just follow the system and you’re on your way to living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But I strongly DISAGREE!

I once drank the same Kool-Aid as the majority and tried to follow a variety of different systems to get rich. I tried network marketing, internet marketing, franchising, direct selling and so on. I followed the system, nothing worked. Obviously something was wrong so I decided to take a step back and check out what’s going on.

I did my homework and realized the SHOCKING TRUTH!

All the successful people in the world worked hard to build the empires that they’re sitting on right now. They didn’t follow the system. They built it. The likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to work day in and day out to build their companies. I’m confident to say that the men and women behind the Forbes World’s Richest People list are the ones who worked the hardest.

But WHY? Why is hard work still essential in our fast-paced modern world?

Because the rules never change. Let’s take a look at network marketing for example.

  • The founder of the company worked hard to build the system that runs his company. He probably spent lots of money to perfect it, money which probably was also a result of hard work.
  • The top marketers of the company are the ones who work the hardest. They talk to people day and night and build their own little empires following the system.

But hey, didn’t the top marketers follow the system and become rich? True. But are they richer than the one who built the system? Most likely not. Either way, both worked hard to achieve their financial freedom. They learned the meaning of “sacrifice now, play later” and followed that advice with their heart.

The problem you see is that people only see the big house(s) and the awesome car(s). They don’t see the sweat and blood that went before that.

So here are some questions for you…

  1. Do you work hard?
  2. If so, do you work hard following the system OR building your system?
  3. Are you willing to work hard now and reap the rewards later?
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How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

I personally believe that a very high percentage of ideas all over the world never leaves the drawing board. An even higher percentage probably dies within 24 hours of being conceived. What a shame!

So how does one turn ideas into reality? I’ve outlined 5 simple steps that might help you.


Ideas come to us in a vague form most of the time making them very easy to forget but there will be times when a brilliant idea comes and these are the ones that are worth spending time on. If you have such an idea then the first and foremost thing for you to do is to write it down. In my case, I usually just grab a pen and paper and write everything that comes to my head.


After you’ve written it down, the next step is to improve it. The best way to do this is to create a mind map with the original idea as the core. From there, try to think of ways on how to make it better. Just add everything that comes in your mind to your list. It’s easy to remove things later.

Tip: It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can continue improving it as you go along.


Now that you have your idea written down and improved, it’s time to make an action plan. How would you go about to turn this idea into reality? I usually ask myself these questions:

  1. What do I need to do to make this come true?
  2. What resources do I need?
  3. How much money will I have to spend?
  4. Who do I need to talk to?
  5. What’s my first step?

Write down the answers to each question and ask the same question again until you don’t have any answers left.


Now it’s time to review your idea and your action plan. Do they jive? If not, then make adjustments to your action plan. Try not to make adjustments to the idea itself unless you really need to. The idea itself should remain intact therefore it’s the method of accomplishing it that must change.

You might need to brainstorm with other people who you think will share the principles of your idea.


Lastly, start acting on it. This step I think is the hardest part especially if the idea is new and out of this world but always keep in mind that the greatest minds have the weirdest ideas so go out and give your idea a try.

Surprise us world with your brilliant idea!

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