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The Math of Making $10,000 a Month

How simple could it be to make $10,000 a month?

I once read that making money is all about the numbers and following this principle, the idea of making any amount of money daily, weekly, monthly or yearly becomes a simple thing. It’s all about math (kudos goes to all the math teachers out there).

Let’s start with the goal of making $10,000 monthly.

$10,000 is equal to:

  • 5,000 two dollar sales
  • or 1,000 ten dollar sales
  • or 500 twenty dollar sales
  • or 100 one hundred dollar sales
  • or 10 one thousand dollar sales
  • or 1 ten thousand dollar sale

No, I’m not trying to make you look dumb. Fact is, it really is that simple and it works. But why does it work?

People tend to look at the big number and most will back out because a big number is often hard to achieve. The trick therefore is to break down the big number into smaller chunks making it more manageable.┬áNow that we’ve broken down the big number into smaller numbers, the next step is to think of a product or a service that will match our numbers.

The cheaper ones (two dollar, ten dollar and twenty dollar sales) are best for recurring type services such as membership sites. Reason being is you only have to sell once to your customers and they will keep paying you until they no longer like the service you are offering.

The more expensive ones on the other hand (one thousand dollar and ten thousand dollar sales) are best for one-time offerings such as coaching programs or seminars.

Lastly, the one hundred dollar sales can either be a high-ticket recurring program or a relatively cheap one-time sale.

Simple huh? That’s the math of making $10,000 a month.

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