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Lifestyle Over Business

Lifestyle Over Business

Which one would you adjust if your business conflicts with your lifestyle, your business or your lifestyle? I asked this same question a few weeks back on Facebook and saw 3 different answers.

  1. Lifestyle must change (pay now, play later)
  2. Business must change (period)
  3. It depends

Personally, I think that ultimately, it is the business that must change and here are my two reasons why.

  1. Businesses are usually built to achieve a certain lifestyle.
  2. Whenever a lifestyle change is required, it’s mostly because said change will positively affect the business which in turn positively affects the lifestyle.

I am a firm believer that one must enjoy life NOW because we are never sure what will happen TOMORROW. Given the opportunity to do something good and/or fun NOW allows us to see, feel and remember the WHY in our lives.

If I were to choose between traveling with my wife to Europe vs having to take care of business because it badly needs my attention, my answer would most definitely be Europe because that’s the kind of lifestyle that me and my wife want to have so why wait until business is good if we can do it NOW? Besides, how sure can we be that business will be good tomorrow?

Tim Ferriss makes a good point in his book The 4-Hour Workweek when he said that we must do mini-retirements as opposed to the typical retirement that most people look forward to having when they’re in their 50s or 60s. Mini-retirements being regular long-term vacations.

But life shouldn’t be all splurging and fun.

Lifestyles must also change but not for the business. Instead lifestyle must change for lifestyle. If my current lifestyle is holding me down, then my current lifestyle has to go in order to achieve the better lifestyle that I want to have.

Am I not contradicting myself?

No. All I’m trying to say is that one must clearly identify the ultimate lifestyle that he or she wants to achieve then adjust everything else to achieve that lifestyle. By everything else I mean, business, work, habits, friends and even one’s current lifestyle.

Lastly, getting to the lifestyle you want is not about creating a perfect environment. It’s about making small (and big) changes here and there as well as doing what can already be done now.

Now here are some questions for you.

  1. Have you clearly defined the lifestyle that you really want to have?
  2. Have you identified the changes that needs to be made to achieve your dream lifestyle?
  3. What are you doing NOW to get there?

Share your answers in the comment section below.

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