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Niche Marketing: Definition, Choosing, Good & Bad

In today’s business world, niche marketing is becoming more and more popular because it’s smarter, easier and can be very profitable. In this article you’ll learn what a niche market is, how to choose one, it’s disadvantages and of course the disadvantages.

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Check Number of Website Visitors / Traffic for Free

In SEO, it is wise to know your site’s traffic as well as your competitors which is why it is important to know how to check how much traffic a website gets. There are paid tools out but I like free better. If you really want to know how to find out the traffic of a website, all you need is some creative thinking.

There are many ways to do it but my two favorite ways to see how much traffic a website gets are…

1. SEMRush

My favorite, no need to sign-up and the data you get is just awesome. How to check how many visitors a website gets with SEMRush is as simple as plugging in the site’s domain and gives you loads of data such as traffic volume, keywords, search engine rankings, backlinks and even advertising information.

Test out SEMRush by typing in a site’s URL below:

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://www.berush.com/static/berush/js/remote.js”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, “script”, “berush-widget”));

Go ahead and check how much traffic a website gets – especially those that are in your niche.

2. Total Number of Site Comments

If a site is using WordPress then one creative way to see how much traffic a site gets is to post a comment. It’s not 100% accurate but it’ll give you an idea. A typical website will get about 1 comment every 250 visitors. So how do you know how many comments a website has? Simple, post a comment. WordPress sites will typically redirect you to a URL similar to the following when you post a comment:


The part where it says #comment-123456 means you’re the 123,456th commenter on the site.

Note: If a site’s got some fancy javascript coding so that it doesn’t redirect you, all you need to do is to view the source code by right-clicking on your name and clicking “Inspect” (on Google Chrome). You should see HTML code where it says <div id=”comment-123456″>.

Then remove estimated spam comments which is about 75%. So 123456*(1-.75) = 30,864 real comments.

Lastly, divide that by our 1:250 comment to traffic ratio and you get the estimated total traffic the site has received. The final formula is:

( number_of_comment * ( 1 – .75 ) ) / ( 1 / 250 )

So if you’re commenter number 123,456, then we have

( 123,456 * ( 1 – .75 ) ) / ( 1 / 250 ) = 7,716,000 total website traffic

Did that you give a headache? Just stick to SEMRush to check how much traffic a website gets then.

Now you know how to check how much traffic a website gets and you also know how to check how many visitors my website gets (shame on me for what you’ll see).

But then why do you need to know how to check number of visitors to a website. There could be a myriad of reasons. It could just be for SEO, fun, it could be to check the competition so you can rank higher or simply to see if the niche your targeting is worth your time. Enjoy and check how much traffic a website gets.


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List Building Ideas for 2017

The money is in the list. If I got a dollar every time I heard or read that phrase, I’ll be well… I’ll have lots of dollars. It’s been said a thousand times and it’ll be spoken of even more.

Because that’s the simple truth. You’re wasting money if you don’t have an email list.

This year, one of major internet marketing goals is to create a brand new list of 50,000 subscribers from scratch. I’ll be doing it from scratch so I can show my network marketing team how to do it from start to finish.

Here are three ideas that I’ve been playing around with in my head.

  1. Contest
  2. Podcasting
  3. Free membership site on network marketing

The details.


I’ve been wanting to try this out for a very long time but can’t find a foolproof win-win situation that’ll work for the network marketing audience. After much deliberation with myself (hundreds of hours of sleepless nights and talking to myself in the mirror) I figured that the best way to do this is by creating a tiered system that will reward people for their efforts.

I can’t give out much detail for obvious reasons but here’s a clue – the more you refer the closer you get to winning.

I like the “referral” idea as it fits perfectly in the network marketing world.


I always wanted to be a talk show host so why not be one? The beauty of podcasting is that it touches the tech-savvy network marketing people who’d love to listen to stuff while driving, working out, etc.

Plus I get to broadcast my nice voice to the world.

Free membership site

Last but not least – creating a membership site. All I need for this is WordPress and WishList Member and I’m all set. The hard part is creating content that will be of use to my network marketing prospects but then with a little extra effort, I think I’ll be able to pull this off too.

The overall idea is to provide quality content and fun to as many people as possible in exchange of their email address.

What about you? What list building ideas do you have for 2017?


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Forget GetResponse and Aweber

I “used to be” an Aweber and GetResponse customer for quite a while but I ended up terminating my accounts with both of them for one reason – they’re just too expensive especially for the type of people that I train – network marketers.

Before you cry “network marketers are cheap”, please do read this first.

Network marketing is about duplication. I can pay for the monthly fees of both Aweber and GetResponse but not all of my downlines can. I need to find an autoresponder service that makes it easy for my team to get started on without having to cash out much.

And guess what? I found it! An autoresponder service that’s 100% free for the first 1000 subscribers and that’s not even the best part yet. The best part is that the free service is not a “crippled” version of the paid service, it’s all 100% working – campaigns, webforms, automations and all!

Introducing *drumroll* MailerLite!!!

Your forever free autoresponder service… well at least for the first 1,000 subscribers but then that is usually more than enough to get my network marketing team (and all other internet marketing newbies) started on their online marketing strategies.

But this ain’t just for network marketers. It’s practically for everyone who wants to get started with email marketing. Totally risk free.

And oh, the MailerLite email and webform templates are just super awesome!

Check out MailerLite now.

Btw, MailerLite is way better than MailChimp too… *cough cough*

What do you get for the free account? A lot, such as…

Create Amazing Campaigns

  • Drag-and-drop Editor – Build beautiful email newsletters with our drag-and-drop Newsletter Editor. Fast and simple!
  • Custom HTML Editor – What if you want to create your own custom html email and go beyond? We have you covered with our HTML Editor.
  • Rich Text Editor – Create simple text newsletters that are always readable on any device with our Rich Text editor.
  • Free newsletter design templates – We offer a range of pre-designed email templates to help you deliver the best looking content.
  • Built-in photo editing feature – Crop, resize and edit photos using our built-in tools. No need to use another software to make your photos look good.
  • File Manager – Managing your files when creating email campaigns can be difficult. Our file manager makes the whole process a breeze.

Grow Your Subscriber List

  • Subscriber Management – Get organized! Upload your subscribers and let us handle the rest – unsubscribes, bounces and more.
  • Popups – Popup subscribe forms are considered to be the most effective way to convert your website visitors to subscribers.
  • Landing Pages – Create new possibilities and results for your marketing campaigns with our free landing page feature.
  • Embeddable Webforms – Design signup forms for your website using our simple Webform Builder. Make them fit your brand and style.
  • Unsubscribe page builder – Custom unsubscribe forms to get the most out of your audience who have decided to go.

Track Your Results

  • Campaign Reports – Track everything: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment and much more with our reports.
  • Click Maps – Track what your audience is interested in. Do they tend to click on pictures more than buttons? Click maps allows you to gain insight on how your audience is interacting.

Automate Your Email Marketing

  • Email Autoresponders – Create and schedule automated emails like welcome messages, birthday greetings, and other date-based campaigns.
  • RSS Campaigns – Automatically send new blog posts to your subscribers. Set it and forget it – MailerLite will take care of everything else.

Send Like a PRO

  • Auto Resend – Increase your open rate 30% by automatically resending your campaign to those recipients who didn’t open your first campaign or didn’t click any link.
  • A/B Split Testing – Send two slightly different emails, see which performs better and automatically send the winning version to the rest of your subscribers.
  • User Permissions – With user permissions different members of the team can effortlesly collaborate and create amazing marketing campaigns.

Go Mobile

  • iPhone App – With our app you will have real time access to your email campaigns and subscribers in the palm of your hand.
  • iPad Subscribe App – This app is a perfect way to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place!


  • Integrations – Connect your MailerLite account to the most popular web services to achieve a more efficient workflow.
  • Developer API – Our API makes it easy for developers to simply and smoothly integrate with other apps.

If that doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what will.

Check out MailerLite now.

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

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