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WordPress Web Hosting

Looking for WordPress hosting? I have two choices for you.

  1. Bluehost – This is the cheaper of the two. If you’re starting out with WordPress then this one’s for you.
  2. WPEngine – This on the other hand is more featured packed – with server caching and a bunch more optimizations for speed and performance.

Both of them offer specialized hosting for WordPress. Both of them are great. It really is your choice. Either way, you’re in good hands with Bluehost or WPEngine when it comes to WordPress web hosting

What is WordPress?

WordPress is arguably the fastest and easiest way to setup your online presence. A few clicks and you’re good to go. With thousands and thousands of themes available, you can easily change the look of your site in a couple of minutes. This is why everyone loves it.

WordPress web hosting vs regular web hosting

Back in the day, all you need is regular web hosting. However, as more and more people built their sites using WordPress, specialized web hosting became needed. WordPress is very powerful and it gets even more powerful is the web server is tailored for it. Think of it this way – regular web hosting is like a cruise ship that tries to cater to anyone who wants to have a great time at see. WordPress web hosting on the other hand is a yacht that provides a more personalized tailored ocean experience.

Take your pick.

WPEngine Bluehost

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