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Making Twitter and Facebook Send You More Traffic

How would like to have Twitter and Facebook send you thousands of website traffic every month without costing you a single penny? Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah, I thought so…

Just about everyone with a computer spends time on Facebook and Twitter most of whom do non-important stuff. A few of us however figured out how to automatically make these two social networking giants work for us by sending thousands of traffic to our websites every month – and I will share with you one of my secrets.

Ready? The secret is…

Thinking ahead of time and scheduling your updates.

To do this for my blog I do two simple things and they are:

  1. Create blog posts ahead of time this is simple and I think is also a good blogging practice. I wrote about this in my previous blog post 7 Steps to Managing Blogging Time
  2. Schedule Tweets and Facebook updates ahead of time – To do this, I use HootSuite– a free service that allows me to create scheduled updates about my scheduled blog posts. So if my blog post is scheduled to be published on October 31, then I create the following schedule updates in HootSuite:
    • 1 Week Before blog post is published, I post an update about my upcoming blog post to build anticipation. Ex: “Next Week on MikeLopez.com: Blog Post Title Here”
    • 1 hour after my blog post is published, I post an update that it has been released inviting people to read it. Ex: “New on MikeLopez.com: Blog Post Title Here – link-to-blog-post-here”
    • Everyday for the next 6 days after my blog post is published, I post updates about the blog post like quoting something I said in it or asking questions that I think my blog can answer.

Yup, simple as that. By doing this, I can come up with 4 blog posts on a single day and schedule them in WordPress. Then I will log in to HootSuite on the same day and create my scheduled promotional tweets and Facebook updates.

Bonus Tip: I also use Buffer to post my daily updates on Twitter. The free service works well for me when I want to “spread” my updates for the day. This makes my posts look more “normal”.

More Bonus Tip: Don’t rely on automation. Still login personally from time to time and interact with your followers and friends.

Do you think automating Twitter and Facebook updates about your blog posts will help you save time and be consistent? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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