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Blog Promotion Techniques that Work

So you’ve built your blog. If you have any plans of anybody else beside ma and grandma seeing it then your next logical step is to find a way to promote it.

Luckily, blog promotion is no secret at all. You just have to learn how to identify what works from all the non-sense clutter out there.

Another good news is that promoting a blog is no different than promoting anything else online.

I. Blog for your target audience

People only think of promotion in terms of SEO and advertising but I beg to differ. If you don’t think that the actual act of writing a blog post is already promoting your blog then you’re wrong. You can get thousands of visitors but if your visitors don’t like what you say, then they’re gone – forever and ever and ever…

Don’t think of yourself when you blog. Instead think of your audience. What do they want to hear from you? If they’re visiting your blog then they probably were referred by someone or found your site through search. Either way, you have to give them what they were expecting.

Important Lesson: Make sure that your actual content matches the title of the blog post. I made such mistake in this very blog with one of my blog posts. I get hundreds of visits per day from Google but my stats show they exit almost right away.

The reason? The content didn’t match the title the way people expect it to be. The title and content makes sense for Google but not for people. It hurts me to see that everyday and you don’t want to make the same mistake.

II. Optimize for the Search Engines

Keywords are very important one of the most powerful keyword research tools out there is free. It’s the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type in your keyword for your niche and you’ll get a list of keywords that people are actually searching for in Google.

It is important that you don’t stuff your blog posts with keywords. Just incorporate them naturally into your title and blog posts. Remember, you still have to blog for your target audience – not just for the search engines.

We won’t dive into SEO right now as there are lots of tutorials out there that can help you.

What about Link Building? Don’t worry about that, the next technique will handle that.

III. Socialize

This is pro-active promotion and is basically the core of all promotion techniques in the world. The idea is to build a relationship with your audience and other bloggers in your niche. Be human and don’t just pitch your stuff in their faces – nobody likes that.

Socializing online is easy with other blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but here are some basic things to follow:

  1. Always post about your new blog posts.
  2. Share other people’s blog posts. Retweet in twitter and Share on Facebook.
  3. Comment on other people’s blogs and write “true” comments.
  4. Help others solve problems. If you find someone asking a question, maybe you should write a blog post about your solution and share it with that person.
  5. Actively participate in discussions
  6. Carry your brand all the time.
  7. Be yourself.

Do these and you’ll find people visiting your blog and promoting it for you as well.

Good blog posts are often linked to by other bloggers. (tweet this)

They also get tweets and shares all the time.

There’s probably other ways to promote your blog but these are the only things I do and I get regular traffic everyday to my blog. It works for me and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

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