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How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

I personally believe that a very high percentage of ideas all over the world never leaves the drawing board. An even higher percentage probably dies within 24 hours of being conceived. What a shame!

So how does one turn ideas into reality? I’ve outlined 5 simple steps that might help you.


Ideas come to us in a vague form most of the time making them very easy to forget but there will be times when a brilliant idea comes and these are the ones that are worth spending time on. If you have such an idea then the first and foremost thing for you to do is to write it down. In my case, I usually just grab a pen and paper and write everything that comes to my head.


After you’ve written it down, the next step is to improve it. The best way to do this is to create a mind map with the original idea as the core. From there, try to think of ways on how to make it better. Just add everything that comes in your mind to your list. It’s easy to remove things later.

Tip: It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can continue improving it as you go along.


Now that you have your idea written down and improved, it’s time to make an action plan. How would you go about to turn this idea into reality? I usually ask myself these questions:

  1. What do I need to do to make this come true?
  2. What resources do I need?
  3. How much money will I have to spend?
  4. Who do I need to talk to?
  5. What’s my first step?

Write down the answers to each question and ask the same question again until you don’t have any answers left.


Now it’s time to review your idea and your action plan. Do they jive? If not, then make adjustments to your action plan. Try not to make adjustments to the idea itself unless you really need to. The idea itself should remain intact therefore it’s the method of accomplishing it that must change.

You might need to brainstorm with other people who you think will share the principles of your idea.


Lastly, start acting on it. This step I think is the hardest part especially if the idea is new and out of this world but always keep in mind that the greatest minds have the weirdest ideas so go out and give your idea a try.

Surprise us world with your brilliant idea!

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Good Staff is Just as Important as a Good Product

Evelyn and I heard from a friend that The Old Spaghetti House is offering a “pasta-all-you-can” promo. We both love pasta and it’s just something that we cannot miss.

We went out for a dinner date and gave it a try and not only was the during date fun for both of us, we also learned a valuable business lesson – good staff is just as important as a good product.

You see, the unlimited pasta that was served was just, well, plain pasta. They used to include unlimited pizza with the promo (another thing Evelyn and myself loved) but when we came, pizza was no longer part of the deal so it was just pasta. Kind of a bummer but we still enjoyed it despite the disappointment.

And that’s because the guy serving us was a really great guy. He was so entertaining, fast, efficient and always smiles that we ended up ignoring the fact that there was no pizza. (Kinda bad that I didn’t take his picture or ask for his name but I tell you this, if you go to The Old Spaghetti House at UP Ayala Land Technohub then you will definitely know who I’m talking about). He even showed us to the door when we were leaving and gave us one last smile.

So, my point is choosing the right people to work for your company is just as important as creating a great product.

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Why Some People are Scared to Make Lots of Money

I’ve seen this more than once so I think it’s worth blogging about. Some people think that making lots and lots of money is not a good idea. That it can bring you more evil than good. That it can ruin your family and your life. I think there’s some truth to what they say but then I also think they’re missing the bigger picture.

If you are scared of making/want to make lots of money then my question for you is this. What is it that money can do?  We’ll get back to that later.

If you find yourself trying to quench your thirst for a bigger and better lifestyle then perhaps you should pause and check your motives for a moment. There’s nothing wrong with bigger and better. The desire for these things is what drives our economy BUT if you find yourself never to be content with what you have then perhaps something’s wrong.

More than a handful of people I talked to expressed their fear of making lots of money because they think (some even strongly believe) that it will change their human nature into something that they don’t recognize. They’re worried that they’ll turn into the antagonist they hate so much in the movies. That they’ll forget who they are and start trampling on other people’s lives in their never ending quest to quench the thirst for more.

To that I think the solution is simple. All you need to do is change your focus from “self” to making money for something bigger than yourself. I am a strong believer that life is not about wealth. It’s about the legacy that we leave behind.

I’ve had the great opportunity to be around people who make money not for themselves but for others. It’s a very interesting concept the first time I saw it but I eventually realized that helping others is what we’re all here for. It made me appreciate everything I have when I saw people struggling to eat just one meal per day. I saw how good life has been to me and my family when I saw 16 people trying to fit in a house so small I had a hard time thinking how they do it.

Did you know that $1 is worth about 15 meals for a child in Kenya? That’s $2 for 30 meals and many kids in Kenya eat only one meal per day! At one time, I was even given the opportunity to have a bite of the bread that the kids were eating. Not Starbucks for sure but it was different. There was something in that experience that made me re-think how I lived my life. There and then I knew we all had to stop complaining with what little we have because so many other people are probably having so much less.

Kids lining up for their meal. $1 can buy 15 meals for a child in Kenya. The tall white guy is Scott Brandley of Rhino Support.


So I say this – Expand your circle, build a bigger table, reach out to those in need. Create jobs. Help people to stand up when they’re down. Lead them towards the right direction in life. Give them hope, help them fulfill their dreams.

The more you want to help, the more you see that you need to make more money. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to help. You can start as early as now but then the time will come when you feel the need to help in a bigger way . When that time comes, You’ll know what to do. You’ll realize that you don’t have enough resources so you will want need to make more.

Money is just like any other tool. It’s scary if you don’t know how to use it.

So back to my previous question – What is it that many can do? In a world where money is needed almost everywhere, I say money can build a better future for those who are in need. Learn to use the tool and use it for good.

Now go ahead, make money. There’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t have to be scared especially if you have the heart to help.

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What Are You Working For?

Most of us would get paid to do work. So we work day and night squeezing every drop of blood, sweat and tear out of our very soul. We work so hard that even mules all over the world are put to shame.

Then it’s payday. We get paid, we smile, we’re happy but then we realize that we’re barely making enough.

So… we work even harder. We take two jobs and perhaps have something else on the side. All we can think of is we need to make more money because behind all these hard work is a reason. A reason that keeps us going, our source of motivation that compels us to work so hard even if our body and brain can’t handle it anymore.

I always tell people that when I was single, I just worked for myself. When I got married, I worked for myself and my wife. When we had kids, I worked for myself, my wife and our kids.

Some people however extend their obligations for a bigger cause which is exactly what happened to me when Stu and Amy McLaren invited me to join World Teacher Aid for a trip to Kenya, Africa back in July. Check out some of the photos in Facebook.

Long story short, this trip changed my life so much that I realized that I had to make even more money because I just felt the need to help others and we all know that it’s hard to help when you don’t have enough money to begin with. I think that true living begins when we stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking of others. « Tweet This

We all work for a reason but I urge you to raise your motivation by extending your boundaries towards helping not just family but also friends and even people you don’t know. If you’re reading this and you realize that your work is not making you enough to do this then perhaps it’s time to look for a better source of income so you can start helping others.

What are you working for? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Why Consistency Trumps Speed

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Ok, here’s one secret to building your business successfully over time.

The best way to run is to run at a consistent pace. You may be slower than the other more experienced runners but consistency takes you to your destination and back – all the time. Running too fast on the other hand can make you so tired so fast that you end up quitting at times.

The same is true not just for running but for everything else that you do in life, including doing business.

Most people make the big mistake of trying to accomplish what they need to do so fast that they often mess up what they’re doing and end up very tired. Do that again the next day and you get even more tired. The day after that and you’ll feel overwhelmed and so on. But no, I have nothing against speed. I think working fast is good …

… but first you have to be consistent.

Consistency is defined as the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Maintain quality, build stamina, gain experience, strengthen up and you’ll be naturally doing things at the speed of light in no time. Ok, maybe not the speed of light, but you’ll be doing things faster than you can ever do right now. The moment you find it easy to do the things that you do, then it’s time to raise the bar a little bit higher, do things a little bit faster.

Being consistent is the best way to train for speed. « Tweet This

Consistency trumps speed because consistency is the path to speed. No runner, race car driver, business man or woman or entrepreneur started out as fast and as good as they are in what they’re doing today without being consistent in the beginning.

Don’t overdrive yourself. You’ll get better and faster before you know it and your consistency will pay off soon enough.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Why it is WAY Better to TRY

I would say that three out of four of people I meet are just afraid to try and I can’t blame them for being so. It’s just in our nature to be more cautious of new things especially those that we don’t know. It’s like walking into the dark and it’s never fun BUT I have this question…

Did you ever have that feeling that you should just check it out? Give it a try and see if it works out? I know I do!

So, why not give in to that voice in your head that tells you to check it out? Yeah, don’t be afraid and see how it goes. Actually, here’s a quote for you to think about.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky « Tweet This

That quote says it all. Nuff said.

Please post your comments below and let me know your thoughts, OK?