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Best Business in the Philippines for OFW’s

What are the best business ideas and good investment opportunities ideal for OFW’s in the Philippines? This is perhaps the most common question that any industrious and forward-looking OFW is asking and indeed it’s a good question to ask – what is the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

While life abroad may be good, retiring at home here in the Philippines is what most OFWs really desire. Before you can retire though, you will have to make some long term investments by building businesses that will keep the cash flowing.

Before I give you a list of possible ideas and opportunities, left’s first define the difference between a business and an investment.

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Business vs Investment

I’ll make this simple – a business is an investment but an investment is not necessarily a business. Also, you a business is something that you invest in.

Investment is defined as the action or process of putting money in for profit. Business on the other hand means the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce. There is a slight difference between the two.

A business requires that you “work” on it wherein an investment simply means putting money into something. Starting your own business means you’re directly involved in its operations. On the other hand, you can just simply invest on someone else’s business and not worry about operating it. Am I making sense here?

So, should you start your own business or just invest in someone else’s? Truth is you can do both but if you’re like me you like to get hands on and get things done, right?

Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities

So what’s the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s? Check my top 3 list below.

Start an Online Business

More and more OFWs realize the power of the internet. I am a living example of someone who uses the internet to make a living. The biggest chunk of my income is coming from the internet. I’m telling you – it works.

There are many ways to make money online such as blogging, affiliate marketing, ebay and other similar stuff.

Pro: Easy and cheap to start.

Con: Learning it might take quite some time.

Food Business

Filipinos love to eat. This means that going into the food business can make you big bucks. You can franchise a food cart or start a small restaurant. One thing that’s getting more and more popular right now are food parks – it’s essentially the typical food court that you see in big malls but located outside.

Pro: People eat everyday which means there will always be sales.

Con: Spoilage. Food don’t really last that long.

Get Into Direct Selling

Many people don’t think of direct selling as a business but here’s what I can tell you – if you know how to do it right, you can transform it from the typical “maglalako” type of making money into a thriving business with your own salespeople doing all the selling for you.

There are many direct selling companies in the Philippines and thousands of Pinoys, many of which are former OFWs, are making big bucks out of it.

Pro: Easy and cheap to get started

Con: Can be hard at first but the benefits are very good anyway.

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Conclusion: The best business in the Philippines for OFW

There are many more ways to invest and do business in the Philippines but you can’t really try all of them. OWWA provides help on this matter as well.

Mike Lopez - Business ConsultantI know that OFWs work very hard to earn money in order to finance the needs of their loved ones which is why I believe OFWs need a guide in order to achieve success in finding the best business in the Philippines for OFW’s.

Nobody wants their hard-earned money to go into waste which is why I created a 3-day email course with the sole purpose of helping transform OFWs into full-time world-class entrepreneurs.

Are you an OFW in search for a Philippine-based business? Click below.

Yes, I am an OFW and I Want to Start My Own Business in the Philippines

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7 Strategic Steps to Succeed in Any Network Marketing Company

Network marketing is easy but you can easily lose track of your goals if you don’t have a clear strategy in front of you. Different network marketers have different strategies. What I have here is what works for me and my team. I teach my team to do it and what I noticed is that those who follow it are the ones most likely to get on top fast.

Here are my 7 strategic steps to succeed in any network marketing company.

1. Know Your “WHY”

Every business needs a “WHY”. Not knowing your “WHY” is not knowing your Purpose. Why are you in Network Marketing? Why did you choose to go into business and not stay on the usual path of the employee?

The deeper your “WHY”, the more focused you will be. It must make you cry, it must give you the chills. It has to be more than just making money, greater than yourself and perhaps even greater than your family.

When asked Why I’m into network marketing – my answer is this… I want to see people around me live a life of true time and financial freedom, a life that they truly deserve.

2. Learn “WHO” Your Prospects Are

The biggest mistake newbie network marketers do is that they think everybody should be in their prospect list. I thought so too when I was starting in this industry. But then I asked myself this question – WHO do I really want to work with? Do I want to work with unmotivated, lazy, complaining people? This is when I decided to be “picky” by choosing WHO I want to work with.

I created a set of requirements, much like those that you see in help wanted ads. I said, I want self-motivated, goal-oriented, action-focused people in their 20s to 40s who want to be rich by helping other people achieve a better life.

The trick to this is to make sure it aligns perfectly with your “WHY” and also with your personality.

3. Idenfify “WHERE” Your Prospects Hang Out

Now it’s time to know where my prospects hang out. Do they hang out in social media? If so, which social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc? Do they attend seminars? If so, what kind of seminars? Are they the coffee shop type or bookstore type? Know where they hang out and be sure that you’re there as well.

People fish for tuna go where the tuna loves to swim.

4. Specify “WHEN” You’ll Be Working

This is all about you. Are you going full time or part time with network marketing? If you have a job, you probably would want to start part time to test the waters and so choose to do network marketing only after office hours – say, 6-9pm Mondays to Fridays.

If you’re full time, you may want to be doing it from 1pm to 10pm Mondays to Fridays.

Either way, you have to tell yourself “WHEN” you expect yourself to be working on your network marketing business. You have to stick to a schedule otherwise you’ll fall into the abyss called inconsistency. I always tell my team to do this. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend as long as you spend that time 100% into working your business out.

A part timer working 100% for only 4 hours a week will do much better than a full timer working 10%.

5. Choose “WHAT” Methods You Want To Use

Are you going traditional with flyers, posters and cold calls? Or do you prefer internet marketing and use online avenues such as social media and blogging? Will you be holding business meeting at your home or do you prefer taking your prospects to the nearest branch your company has?

Most of the time, you’ll be doing a combination of these methods and it can be overwhelming. Luckily, I have a tip for you – choose one method first, a method that suits your personality, then master it. Once you’re good at it, learn another method and so on.

Don’t try to do all methods at once or you’ll end up half-baked and nobody will want to work with you because you look scattered and tired in the first place.

Again, choose a method, master it and once you’re good at it, move on to learning the next.

6. Define “HOW” You Measure Your Success

If you don’t define HOW you measure your success, you’ll end up tired and not knowing whether you’ve achieved your goal or not. Some measure their success by setting a monthly income goal. I prefer to measure success by counting how many in my team are making a certain monthly income or not. If I have 10 people in my team consistently making good income then I know that I’m on track with my WHY.

So yeah, HOW you measure your success must coincide with your WHY.

7. Take Action

Now, stop reading this and searching the web for more information and start taking action. If you’re already into network marketing then go and do the things that you’ve learned here. If you’re thinking about joining one then I may be able to help you with that. Post a comment below and get in touch.

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7 Benefits of Working for the Best Multilevel Marketing Company in the Philippines

I’ll be blunt and blatant in telling you what the best network marketing company in the Philippines is. I know I’m biased towards the company that I’m working with but it’s not without reason so allow me to at least provide you with 7 benefits of working with the best before I mention the name.

1. International

Not many companies in the Philippines bear the title “international” but my company is. It started with a vision of helping Filipinos change their lives and when they said “Filipinos” they meant Filipinos everywhere around the globe.

It was obvious. We had to be international in order to achieve this vision and by this we mean TRUE company owned international branches and not just satellite centers opened by a few enterprising distributors. What started in the Philippines is now in U.A.E., Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria and the U.K.

As a distributor, I can do business in all these countries without problems and expand my network to any new international branch my company wishes to open.

2. Hybrid Marketing Plan

We know the trade. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular marketing plans in the world of network marketing so we studied it well and had the best and brightest in the company design a marketing plan that simply blows people away.

Binary? We have it. Uni-level? Yeah, we have it too. Multi-level? No problem, got it. Direct sales? That’s in the bag as well. We even have a system where you can earn your way up the ladder without having to worry about demotions because we don’t believe in demotions.

What does this mean for you? It means no matter what type of MLM person you are, you’ll fit in the puzzle.

3. Great Track Record

Many have tried to bring us down and yet we continue to expand and grow not just locally but internationally. We’re not perfect but we’re bent towards being one. If there’s something wrong, we adjust. If we make mistakes, we fix them. This we’ve been doing since 2006.

New products are released almost every year, new branches are opened consistently and new distributors keep pouring in. We’re no longer just a ‘network marketing company’, we’re now an institution and we’ve set standards for the MLM industry in the region.

4. Awesome Products

The products work. Period. We’re set apart in a world where health and wellness is filled with scammy non-working products. We develop and market products that pass high international standards.

Any company’s life is in the products or services that they sell and we know that so we make it a point that our products are not presentable but also effective. We only produce the best nothing less and we can only do that because we own each and every product that we sell.

5. Great Success Stories

What do you get if your network marketing business has a great hybrid marketing plan and awesome products? Simple – great success stories. From the business side to the product testimonies – we got it all. And no, we’re not just talking about your typical rags to riches story, we’re talking about people telling how their lives changed because of the products and also because of the business.

This means our company, our marketing plan, and our products are all easy to sell which in turn means you help more lives in the process.

6. No Pressure

We don’t believe in pressure. Whereas other network marketing companies will “demote” you if you don’t make sales, we don’t. You keep your status, your level, your rank – whether you choose to stay active or take a leave for a while.

We already have enough pressure at work, at school, at home and practically at every nook and cranny of our lives so why add more pressure right? We know that so we take the pressure off you. You create your own timetable for success.

7. It Simply Works

None of this matters if it doesn’t work. We’ve been around since 2006 and we’ve been innovating since then. All I can say is that it works. I’m a success story myself and many in my team have already achieved many of their life goals through our company.

It works for us and it’ll work for you. I don’t see any reason why not.

Now, for the name… you’ve probably heard of it and you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t. The best network marketing company in the Philippines is none other than Royale Business Club International, Inc. and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Click here for a no-commitment video presentation for you to watch.

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Lifestyle Over Business

Lifestyle Over Business

Which one would you adjust if your business conflicts with your lifestyle, your business or your lifestyle? I asked this same question a few weeks back on Facebook and saw 3 different answers.

  1. Lifestyle must change (pay now, play later)
  2. Business must change (period)
  3. It depends

Personally, I think that ultimately, it is the business that must change and here are my two reasons why.

  1. Businesses are usually built to achieve a certain lifestyle.
  2. Whenever a lifestyle change is required, it’s mostly because said change will positively affect the business which in turn positively affects the lifestyle.

I am a firm believer that one must enjoy life NOW because we are never sure what will happen TOMORROW. Given the opportunity to do something good and/or fun NOW allows us to see, feel and remember the WHY in our lives.

If I were to choose between traveling with my wife to Europe vs having to take care of business because it badly needs my attention, my answer would most definitely be Europe because that’s the kind of lifestyle that me and my wife want to have so why wait until business is good if we can do it NOW? Besides, how sure can we be that business will be good tomorrow?

Tim Ferriss makes a good point in his book The 4-Hour Workweek when he said that we must do mini-retirements as opposed to the typical retirement that most people look forward to having when they’re in their 50s or 60s. Mini-retirements being regular long-term vacations.

But life shouldn’t be all splurging and fun.

Lifestyles must also change but not for the business. Instead lifestyle must change for lifestyle. If my current lifestyle is holding me down, then my current lifestyle has to go in order to achieve the better lifestyle that I want to have.

Am I not contradicting myself?

No. All I’m trying to say is that one must clearly identify the ultimate lifestyle that he or she wants to achieve then adjust everything else to achieve that lifestyle. By everything else I mean, business, work, habits, friends and even one’s current lifestyle.

Lastly, getting to the lifestyle you want is not about creating a perfect environment. It’s about making small (and big) changes here and there as well as doing what can already be done now.

Now here are some questions for you.

  1. Have you clearly defined the lifestyle that you really want to have?
  2. Have you identified the changes that needs to be made to achieve your dream lifestyle?
  3. What are you doing NOW to get there?

Share your answers in the comment section below.

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Business Strategies and Tactics

Did you know that many start-ups do not make it to their first year because they fail to understand the crucial difference between tactics and strategies? Focusing on one over the other is the most common mistake. Many in fact just focus on tactics and ignore strategic planning eventually causing their demise.

My grandfather was in the air-force and sometimes we’ll talk about the tactics and strategies used during World War II. He was also a good chess player and he’d often relate our games to his stories. It was from these short discussions and chess games that I learned the crucial difference between the two and how to use which and when.

Before I go into my own definition of these two words, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The terms tactic and strategy are often confused: tactics are the actual means used to gain an objective, while strategy is the overall campaign plan, which may involve complex operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that lead to tactical execution.

Source: Wikipedia

The Big Guns Think About Strategies

Strategists focus on the big picture. They plan on how to win the war, win the game or win the market. It is the strategists job to think of every possible outcome and plan accordingly to achieve their ultimate goal. They make the big decisions like choosing which offer to grab and which to ignore. They make the call on whether to sacrifice the queen or not. It is their job to know. The good strategists know that they are always responsible for every outcome and will take the blame if their plan didn’t work out.

That said, it is obvious that a strategy defines what you want your business to become and how to get there. Strategies relate directly to the main goal of your business. A business without a clearly defined strategy will fail because it will have no direction, no clear goal and no clear methods of achieving them.

But No War is Won With Generals Alone

At the other end of the spectrum are the tacticians. They are the ones who think of how to implement the strategy. If the general says, “take the bridge” then it is up to the tactician to think of “HOW to take the bridge”. In business, the strategy could be translated to something like “rank #1 for the following keywords used by the competitor”. The tactics needed to implement said strategy could involve things like link-building, keyword research and perhaps even some borderline methods of ranking on the search engines.

Ranking #1 however is not the overall goal but merely a part of achieving the big picture.

A good tactician understands the goal and knows the field. They are not afraid to make the necessary decisions to achieve the goal. They are the frontline men and they tell the strategists how things are actually happening. Depending on their feedback, the strategists can decide whether to switch strategies or not.

The Goal-Strategy-Tactic Relation

The best way to illustrate the relationship between goals, strategies and tactics is to think of it as a hierarchy.

  • Goal defines what you want to achieve.
    • Strategies are the plans you formulate to meet your goal
      • Tactics are the methods you use to implement your strategies.


Let’s say you have a Yoga Membership Site as your business…

Goal: Be the Number One Online Yoga Resource Provider (a.k.a. Win the War)

Strategies (Plans) Tactics (Methods)
Study the Competition
  • SEO Research (Keywords, Links, etc)
  • Know their target markets
Establish a Strong Market Presence
  • Rank number 1 on the search engines
  • Advertise on competition’s websites is available
  • PPC and CPM Advertising
  • Build a strong Twitter and Facebook following
  • Blogging and Guest blogging
  • Building a list and marketing to it
Engage the Target Customers
  • Freebies
  • Contests
  • Coupon Codes
  • Promos


Here’s a table summarizing the main differences between strategies and tactics

Strategies Tactics
Focused on the Big picture Focused on implementing the strategy
Medium to Long term Short to Medium term
Plans Method
Winning the War Winning the Battle

Hopefully this short article helped you identify, differentiate and define the strategies and tactics in your business.


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What is True Business?

What is true business? A shocking 90% or more of the world population do not know what real business is. At that high of a percentage, you’re probably one of them.

I’ve outlined a few things for you to check below to help you answer the question of whether you have a true business. This of course is assuming that you believe that you own a business.

1. Are you required to work 8 to 9 hours everyday to in order for you to run your business?

If you have to work 8 to 9 hours everyday to run your business then there’s something wrong. You have to own your business and not the other way around.

2. Will your business run even if you’re out on an extended “quality time” vacation with your family?

If you can’t spend quality time with your family (cellphones and laptops off) for at least two weeks on vacation then your business is so dependent on your particular skill set. A true business should be able to run even if you’re out in the beach for and extended period of time.

3. Do you have employees working for you?

If you’re the only one in your “business” then many will argue (myself included) that you don’t have a real business. The main reason being employees are essentially extensions of yourself and basically pay them to run your business for you.

Fact is, you can’t do everything on your own because you won’t be able to scale up and your business will suffer.

4. Do you have duplicable system that allows others to run your business for you?

A business have many moving parts, even a small one. If you don’t have a duplicable system to run your business then you’re in big trouble. If for some reason one of your employees resign, not having a duplicable system means that the new guy has to start from scratch.

A duplicable system is like a factory, no matter who’s working on what section of the factory, the factory still keeps on running.

5. If you die, will your business live on?

If you die and your business dies with you then you don’t have a business. A business should be a separate entity on its own. Whether you started the business or someone handed it over to you, it should be able to live and die on its own time.

Scoring: You get 20% each time you answer YES to each of the questions above.

So what’s your score? Do you have a true business?

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Hard Work is Not Enough

Last week’s blog post talked about why hard work remains to be essential in our fast-paced modern world but truth be told, hard work is not enough.

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Working 8 hours per day not including the 1 to 2 hours preparation and travel time necessary to get to work
  2. Working on a construction site (dangers included)
  3. The pops and moms who work two jobs to make a living

Hard work? Yes. Is it enough? Obviously not!

So why is hard work not enough?

Because hard work alone will not give you a better life. The secret is to work hard on the right system. Here’s a simple formula:


What’s the right system?

To answer that, let’s look at the world’s most successful people and find something in common. Do they work 8 to 16 hours per day or do they run multiple businesses?

If you say business then you’re in good shape because you can see the light. You have to work hard on a system that brings you towards financial and time freedom. Anything other than that is not worth it.

Where should you start?

Network marketing is a good start. Before you say “boo” on what I just said, let me clarify a few things. Network marketing is not your business but it gives you the training you need to start your own business by:

  1. Training you to talk to people
  2. Training you to build your network
  3. Training you to train people
  4. Training you to sell
  5. Training you to help

That said you need to find a network marketing company that provides good training and doesn’t just rely on hyping up things.

I don’t advise staying in network marketing forever though (or jumping from one company to another as many network marketers do). Instead of just copying your upline, copy the company’s owner instead. Get my point? Build the business, design the system and let others follow the system you made.

Once more, let’s end this blog post with a few questions which I hope you’d find the time to answer in the comments section below:

  1. Do you have your own business?
  2. Do you have the skills necessary to run your own business?
  3. Do you agree that hard work is not enough? If not, please be kind enough to tell us why
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Why Hard Work is Still Essential

In a world where making money is apparently much easier than ever, people tend to become lazy, trying to look for no-sweat ways to make a buck. I’ve talked to many people saying that hard work is no longer needed. Just follow the system and you’re on your way to living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But I strongly DISAGREE!

I once drank the same Kool-Aid as the majority and tried to follow a variety of different systems to get rich. I tried network marketing, internet marketing, franchising, direct selling and so on. I followed the system, nothing worked. Obviously something was wrong so I decided to take a step back and check out what’s going on.

I did my homework and realized the SHOCKING TRUTH!

All the successful people in the world worked hard to build the empires that they’re sitting on right now. They didn’t follow the system. They built it. The likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to work day in and day out to build their companies. I’m confident to say that the men and women behind the Forbes World’s Richest People list are the ones who worked the hardest.

But WHY? Why is hard work still essential in our fast-paced modern world?

Because the rules never change. Let’s take a look at network marketing for example.

  • The founder of the company worked hard to build the system that runs his company. He probably spent lots of money to perfect it, money which probably was also a result of hard work.
  • The top marketers of the company are the ones who work the hardest. They talk to people day and night and build their own little empires following the system.

But hey, didn’t the top marketers follow the system and become rich? True. But are they richer than the one who built the system? Most likely not. Either way, both worked hard to achieve their financial freedom. They learned the meaning of “sacrifice now, play later” and followed that advice with their heart.

The problem you see is that people only see the big house(s) and the awesome car(s). They don’t see the sweat and blood that went before that.

So here are some questions for you…

  1. Do you work hard?
  2. If so, do you work hard following the system OR building your system?
  3. Are you willing to work hard now and reap the rewards later?
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The Math of Making $10,000 a Month

How simple could it be to make $10,000 a month?

I once read that making money is all about the numbers and following this principle, the idea of making any amount of money daily, weekly, monthly or yearly becomes a simple thing. It’s all about math (kudos goes to all the math teachers out there).

Let’s start with the goal of making $10,000 monthly.

$10,000 is equal to:

  • 5,000 two dollar sales
  • or 1,000 ten dollar sales
  • or 500 twenty dollar sales
  • or 100 one hundred dollar sales
  • or 10 one thousand dollar sales
  • or 1 ten thousand dollar sale

No, I’m not trying to make you look dumb. Fact is, it really is that simple and it works. But why does it work?

People tend to look at the big number and most will back out because a big number is often hard to achieve. The trick therefore is to break down the big number into smaller chunks making it more manageable. Now that we’ve broken down the big number into smaller numbers, the next step is to think of a product or a service that will match our numbers.

The cheaper ones (two dollar, ten dollar and twenty dollar sales) are best for recurring type services such as membership sites. Reason being is you only have to sell once to your customers and they will keep paying you until they no longer like the service you are offering.

The more expensive ones on the other hand (one thousand dollar and ten thousand dollar sales) are best for one-time offerings such as coaching programs or seminars.

Lastly, the one hundred dollar sales can either be a high-ticket recurring program or a relatively cheap one-time sale.

Simple huh? That’s the math of making $10,000 a month.

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Racing Against and Knowing Your Competition

The city buses in Metro Manila Philippines are arguably the kings of the road. Riding one of them can be compared to a roller coaster ride (I’m sure they’ll make loops if they can).

These buses never waste time. There’s also a lesson to be learned.

The bus driver’s job is to drive as fast as he can. He looks at the road and weaves through it at dizzying speeds. He overtakes other buses if he can and makes sure that his bus is always ahead of the competition.

The driver however is just half of the team. The other half is the bus conductor. Besides collecting bus fares and issuing tickets, it’s also the conductor’s job to call for passengers and more importantly, check out the other buses on the road.

As the driver races against the competition, the conductor checks out the signboards in front of each bus they overtake. He watches out for buses traveling the same route and informs the driver about it so he knows who to race against.

Needless to say, such team work can be applied to any business. It’s not only important to stay ahead of your competition. One must also be pro-active in knowing the competition.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy this bus ride that I’m on right now.