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Private Blog Networks – Why Build Them & Why They Work

Just saw a post today in the SEO Organization Philippines Facebook group about a discussion in Google Forums about private blog networks. Basically the guy who posted it in Google Forums reported that he saw a PBN with around 700 sites and how this private network of blogs are ranking and are helping other sites rank as well.

Is it wrong?

Private blog networks are mostly frowned upon in today’s SEO industry. I however don’t see anything wrong with it – provided that they provide quality content. Today, it’s all about quality & unique content. Site’s that don’t provide quality content – may they be PBNs or not – are the problem.

Why build them?

So, why build private blog networks? There can be many reasons why but the main reason why people do it is to have control over backlinks. It’s hard to get quality backlinks nowadays so why not just create a huge number of sites that provide quality content and use them to link to your “more important” sites?

Say NO to garbage content

Is it spammy? My answer to that again is, do you provide quality content? If your content is garbage then your site/s deserve to be booted out of the online universe but if they’re gold (or silver or bronze) then they deserve to stay and be given some sort of value by the search engines.

Think about it

Imagine this scenario:

  • I started a brand new business selling tires online
  • I need online presence so I build a website
  • I optimize for specific keywords but the competition is high
  • I realize I need more sites to link to me (blame Google for that)
  • I try to reach out to webmasters and get a few sites linking back to me
  • I check my rankings but still find no love
  • I decide to build 50 different websites each on a different topic but somewhat related to tires (cars, rims, rubber, engines, etc)
  • On these sites I provided quality content and all of them link back to my main tire business site

Do you see anything evil in that? I don’t. In fact I added value to the net by creating those 50 sites.

The big guys do it (properly)

In my reply to the Facebook post mentioned above, I pointed out that WordPress.com and Blogger.com are more or less PBNs in that they’re owned by one entity (each its own). Then people like you and me create on content on their network – they still own the network although we own the content. Let’s say that 5000 random people on these networks decide to link to just one article, say this article – is there anything wrong with that?

But that’s organic you’d say. How would the search engines know?

So, yes, PBNs are OK but just like any tool, it can be used for good and for bad. It can be used properly or not. What about you? What do you think about PBNs?


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5 Businesses that will make you money this 2017

There’s something about new years that push people to think of business ideas to make money whether it be offline or online. Now that 2017 is fast approaching I think it’s about time to think again.

I created for you a short list of businesses that make money that you might want to take a look at.


The beauty with blogging is that it’s easy to get started. If you love writing articles and coming up with useful content in the 300-500 word range then you must try this out.

Just about any topic can be monetized these days. All you need to do is to think of a topic that you really like talking about and start writing about them.

The most common way to make money in the blogging business is by selling ad-space on your site. You can also use ad networks such as Adsense that will automatically put relevant advertisement on your site.

Done right, you can make thousands of dollars blogging.

Web Design / Development

This I’ve been in this business for YEARS and it’s still a great money-maker. Obviously, it’s not something that you can start right away unless you already know how to build websites.

If however you are technically inclined then it might be a good idea to invest some time sharpening your HTML, CSS & PHP skills. Good news is that you don’t have to be a geek to create websites nowadays because you can easily create professional websites with WordPress.

One thing’s for sure – businesses that make money usually have websites which makes it a good business idea to create websites for them.

Search Engine Optimization

The world wide web is filled with websites trying to make money. There are millions of websites competing for people’s attention and it’s so hard nowadays that ranking in search engines is now a full-fledged business.

If you choose to offer web design / development then you must also think of search engine optimization as part of your business offer. Furthermore you can also offer SEO to businesses that already have existing websites.

The idea is simple, improve search engine rankings of websites for certain keywords that make sense for their business and get paid doing it.

Affiliate Marketing

Don’t have time to create a blog or learn web development? No problem! You can always give affiliate marketing a try. All you need to do is sell other people’s products and earn a commission on each sale made.

My favorite site to hunt for awesome affiliate products is ClickBank. It has a huge database of products that you can sell and you can get as much as 75% in commission per sale.

I’ve met and talked with people who make thousands of dollars per month in affiliate marketing sales.

Network Marketing

What I love about network marketing is that you don’t have to be skilled in anything in order to succeed in this business. As long as your determined and focused, this business is a great money making idea to try.

It’s a lot similar to affiliate marketing in that you make money from commissions. The additional beauty of this though is that you also make money from your team’s sales.

So yeah, you need to build a team and some are better than others when it comes to creating a great team BUT everybody can build a team – small or big.

The best part about network marketing is that once you’ve properly laid the foundations, you can have a constant stream of passive income day in and day out.

Truth be told, there are thousands of business ideas that really make money nowadays. The only reason why I listed these 5 is because I’ve done them all and I know they work.

Business ideas really are a dime a dozen. In the end, it all boils down on how much money you want to make and how much are you willing invest (time, money and more) in building your business.


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Get Your Blog Readers On Your List So You Can Get Them Back To Your Blog

How many times do you find yourself browsing the web, hopping from one site to the next and actually finding some pretty cool blogs? It happens to me all the time and I have every intention of going back to some of those blogs to read more. Sometimes I even remember to bookmark them. But the chances of me ever finding my way back there or digging through my list of hundreds of browser bookmarks are slim to none. And the vast majority of people that stumble across your blog are the same way. That’s not a very effective way to grow a loyal readership.

That’s why it is crucial to get those readers on your email list. Once you do that you can bring them back over and over again. You can send out a quick little email inviting them to read your latest blog post. But it doesn’t stop there.

You can also share your social media posts and profiles with your list and grow your reach with nothing more than an email that invites them to interact with you on your Facebook Page for examples.

And with each email you sent, your readers get to know you a little better. Ideally that means they’ll also like and most importantly trust you more. Once your readers know, like, and trust you, they’ll gladly take you up on product recommendations you make to them.

A lot of bloggers ask about monetizing their posts. Frankly the best answer is to get your readers on your list, build that relationship and then make offers via email. You don’t have to be spammy about it or sound like a used car salesman. Instead, share some helpful information, give them some tips and then invite them to learn more or implement it with the product you’re recommending.

Let’s recap why it’s so crucial to your blogging success that you should focus on building an email list first. It allows you to bring readers back to your blog whenever you’re publishing a new post. Having a list also allows you to grow your social media reach by inviting readers to connect with you on said social media properties. Last but not least, staying in touch regularly via email gives you a chance to build a relationship with your audience. It’s at that point that it makes sense to make offers for products and services and make some money from your blog posts and emails.

I hope this inspires you to give building a list for your blog a try.

Gary Gross specializes in helping you learn to make money online. Sign up for his highly-acclaimed and free Internet Marketing News Newsletter to find out how to start making money online & fire your boss. Simply visit his blog at http://internetmarketingnews.us.

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Making Twitter and Facebook Send You More Traffic

How would like to have Twitter and Facebook send you thousands of website traffic every month without costing you a single penny? Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah, I thought so…

Just about everyone with a computer spends time on Facebook and Twitter most of whom do non-important stuff. A few of us however figured out how to automatically make these two social networking giants work for us by sending thousands of traffic to our websites every month – and I will share with you one of my secrets.

Ready? The secret is…

Thinking ahead of time and scheduling your updates.

To do this for my blog I do two simple things and they are:

  1. Create blog posts ahead of time this is simple and I think is also a good blogging practice. I wrote about this in my previous blog post 7 Steps to Managing Blogging Time
  2. Schedule Tweets and Facebook updates ahead of time – To do this, I use HootSuite– a free service that allows me to create scheduled updates about my scheduled blog posts. So if my blog post is scheduled to be published on October 31, then I create the following schedule updates in HootSuite:
    • 1 Week Before blog post is published, I post an update about my upcoming blog post to build anticipation. Ex: “Next Week on MikeLopez.com: Blog Post Title Here”
    • 1 hour after my blog post is published, I post an update that it has been released inviting people to read it. Ex: “New on MikeLopez.com: Blog Post Title Here – link-to-blog-post-here”
    • Everyday for the next 6 days after my blog post is published, I post updates about the blog post like quoting something I said in it or asking questions that I think my blog can answer.

Yup, simple as that. By doing this, I can come up with 4 blog posts on a single day and schedule them in WordPress. Then I will log in to HootSuite on the same day and create my scheduled promotional tweets and Facebook updates.

Bonus Tip: I also use Buffer to post my daily updates on Twitter. The free service works well for me when I want to “spread” my updates for the day. This makes my posts look more “normal”.

More Bonus Tip: Don’t rely on automation. Still login personally from time to time and interact with your followers and friends.

Do you think automating Twitter and Facebook updates about your blog posts will help you save time and be consistent? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Blog Promotion Techniques that Work

So you’ve built your blog. If you have any plans of anybody else beside ma and grandma seeing it then your next logical step is to find a way to promote it.

Luckily, blog promotion is no secret at all. You just have to learn how to identify what works from all the non-sense clutter out there.

Another good news is that promoting a blog is no different than promoting anything else online.

I. Blog for your target audience

People only think of promotion in terms of SEO and advertising but I beg to differ. If you don’t think that the actual act of writing a blog post is already promoting your blog then you’re wrong. You can get thousands of visitors but if your visitors don’t like what you say, then they’re gone – forever and ever and ever…

Don’t think of yourself when you blog. Instead think of your audience. What do they want to hear from you? If they’re visiting your blog then they probably were referred by someone or found your site through search. Either way, you have to give them what they were expecting.

Important Lesson: Make sure that your actual content matches the title of the blog post. I made such mistake in this very blog with one of my blog posts. I get hundreds of visits per day from Google but my stats show they exit almost right away.

The reason? The content didn’t match the title the way people expect it to be. The title and content makes sense for Google but not for people. It hurts me to see that everyday and you don’t want to make the same mistake.

II. Optimize for the Search Engines

Keywords are very important one of the most powerful keyword research tools out there is free. It’s the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type in your keyword for your niche and you’ll get a list of keywords that people are actually searching for in Google.

It is important that you don’t stuff your blog posts with keywords. Just incorporate them naturally into your title and blog posts. Remember, you still have to blog for your target audience – not just for the search engines.

We won’t dive into SEO right now as there are lots of tutorials out there that can help you.

What about Link Building? Don’t worry about that, the next technique will handle that.

III. Socialize

This is pro-active promotion and is basically the core of all promotion techniques in the world. The idea is to build a relationship with your audience and other bloggers in your niche. Be human and don’t just pitch your stuff in their faces – nobody likes that.

Socializing online is easy with other blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but here are some basic things to follow:

  1. Always post about your new blog posts.
  2. Share other people’s blog posts. Retweet in twitter and Share on Facebook.
  3. Comment on other people’s blogs and write “true” comments.
  4. Help others solve problems. If you find someone asking a question, maybe you should write a blog post about your solution and share it with that person.
  5. Actively participate in discussions
  6. Carry your brand all the time.
  7. Be yourself.

Do these and you’ll find people visiting your blog and promoting it for you as well.

Good blog posts are often linked to by other bloggers. (tweet this)

They also get tweets and shares all the time.

There’s probably other ways to promote your blog but these are the only things I do and I get regular traffic everyday to my blog. It works for me and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

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Why Choose WordPress for Blogging?

Among the many blogging platform choices out there, why do I recommend WordPress? I’ve found a cool infographic about it but before I share it with you, here’s my take on things:

  1. WordPress is arguably the most popular blogging platform out there
  2. WordPress is also a very powerful content management system
  3. WordPress is free software (GPL)
  4. WordPress is easy to setup and easy to use
  5. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can use WordPress
  6. There are lots of third party themes and plugins that even adds to the functionality of WordPress
  7. WordPress is regularly updated and actively supported

Now, here’s the infographic I’m talking about:

I’ve been using WordPress for years and there’s not one thing that I didn’t like about it.

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