30 Signs Someone Will Never Become Rich – Summary

The original source of this list is 30 Signs Someone Will Never Become Rich and I’m putting it here first for my reference and second for those who don’t want the list itself and not the explanation for each one.

I do however highly recommend that you go over to the original post to get a deeper understanding of each item in this list.

  1. A Lack of Motivation
  2. Unable to Adapt
  3. Accepting Wrong Kinds Of Feedback
  4. Imagining that Getting Rich is Impossible
  5. Content with a Paycheck
  6. Pursuing Someone Else’s Dreams Instead of Your Own
  7. Buying Things You Can’t Afford
  8. Commuting Over an Hour to Work
  9. Lacking Discipline
  10. Not Believing In Yourself
  11. Taking Advice From Other Poor People
  12. You Don’t Have Investments
  13. Focusing Too Much On Saving
  14. Starting Projects and Never Finishing Them
  15. Taking Care of Others Instead of Yourself
  16. Seeking Approval From Others
  17. Hating Your Job
  18. Never Trying New Things
  19. Not Having Financial Goals
  20. Waiting For a Miracle
  21. Being Chronically Late
  22. Never Reading
  23. All Talk, No Action
  24. A Jack of All Trades, But a Master Of None
  25. Working By the Hour
  26. You Refuse to Move
  27. You Avoid Talking on the Phone
  28. Public Speaking Makes You Nervous
  29. You Only Work 40 Hours Per Week
  30. Terrified of Failure

This list reminds me that there’s still much to be done. Hope it does the same to you.

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