What is the Most Affordable Home Based Online Business in the Philippines?

Many of us Pinoys are business-minded and with more and more of us getting easy access to gadgets and the internet we begin to think about starting our own online business.

Makes perfect sense really – may internet ka, sa bahay ka lang and then may business ka pa. But we all know that starting an online business – just like any other businesses – may be simple but certainly not easy.

So, we begin searching the internet in hopes of finding the most affordable home based online business in the Philippines. You know, baka sakaling may makita tayong ready-made online business na pwede nating simulan right away.

Kaso, we Pinoys also love “free-stuff” – alam mo yun, free-taste, free-trial, etc. Pag dating sa business gusto natin free din but since we know that businesses require sort of initial capital, we begin searching for the next best thing – yung affordable a.k.a. mura – yung hindi masakit sa bulsa.

Good news, pwede naman and here’s how you can do it – FACEBOOK.

Why Facebook you ask – well, it’s practically free unless you go for paid ads. It’s a growing ecosystem and most of all Filipinos love to be on Facebook. It’s almost like we Filipinos eat and breathe Facebook.

So go to Facebook, create a page (or just use your personal profile) and start selling stuff.


That’s how you start an affordable online business in the Philippines – whether home-based or not.

But will it be effective?

That’s the million-peso question.

Kung maliitan lang ang habol mo, then OK, Pwede na siguro.

But if you really want to be serious about having an online business then you have to think beyond just it being affordable – you have to think big.

Start small but think big.

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