Typical Cost to Start an Online Retail Business

Low budget and easy to start, people worldwide are starting their own online business by the minute. How much does it cost to start one, that is an online retail business? And what’s the best strategy to utilize?

I know that all you want is the info so I won’t bug you down with words. Here we go.

Online Business Average Costs

Note, if you’re selling physical products you will also have to consider shipping which is why I suggest that you start with digital products instead.

You see, you can an online business for less than $50.

Online Business Strategy

My strategy is simple.

  1. Choose a Product to Sell
  2. Create a WordPress website about the product you’re selling
  3. Create a Facebook Page about the problems/solutions that your product solves
  4. Create 3-5 blog posts every week on your website talking about how your product can solve different problems
  5. Share your blog posts to your Facebook Page. Tip, you can do this automatically with a free WordPress plugin called JetPack. While you’re at it, why not share it on Twitter and LinkedIn as well?

I now do this over and over again for multiple products most of which are digital.

The Harsh Truth

The truth is that while it’s both cheap and simple, it can be confusing and overwhelming which is why I recommend that you get some free training. Good thing is that I know of a site that teaches this kind of things for FREE. They’re the best I found online. Click here to start your free training.


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