Top 5 Businesses in the Philippines with Low Capital for 2017

There’s a growing home-based business trend among Filipinos in the past 5 years. Either we Pinoys are getting tired of working for somebody else or we simply are just getting smarter. Even better, the Philippines is now more open towards online businesses which makes starting a low-capital business in the Philippines much easier.

Here’s my quick top 10 list of businesses that you can do in the Philippines with low capital.

I. Buy & Sell (offline & online)

Have stuff to sell? Post them on sites like OLX, Lazada or simply do it offline by partnering with suppliers and retailers and be the middle man.

II. Be a Virtual Assistant (online)

Filipinos are known for diligence and hard work which is why many business people in western countries opt to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines.

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III. Internet Marketing (online)

Big bucks can be made through internet marketing. Imagine having a business with no walls, no boundaries and one that can be run with as little as 1 staff member – yourself. You can sell your own products or sell someone else’s. If done right, it’s common for people to make $1,000 or higher on a monthly basis.

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IV. Blogging (online)

Blogging can drain you but if done properly it can earn you a pretty good passive income stream. The idea is to write about things that you are passionate about. It can be about anything. The trick is to focus on a certain topic or idea. You can create a blog about cats or about making money online. The income from blogging comes from advertising so it might take time before you start seeing a huge income but it’s fun and has a lot of potential.

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V. Network Marketing (online & offline)

Before you shout “scam”, hear me out a bit. There are indeed tons of scammy network marketing businesses out there that focus on just recruiting more and more downlines BUT there are REAL network marketing businesses as well that actually produce top quality products that really work. A good network marketing company must focus on a good marketing plan (recruiting downlines) and also producing top-notch products that can be sold without putting you to shame. If done correctly, you can earn millions through MLM and retire at an early age.

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There are many more businesses that you can do in the Philippines but these in my opinion are the best ones. Cheers!

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