Why you must run WordPress on PHP 7

Every decent WordPress developer is talking about PHP 7 nowadays mainly because it’s faster, more secure and just overall a lot better than it’s last working predecessor PHP 5.6. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running WordPress on Nginx or Apache, the general consensus is that you have to start thinking about migrating your site to PHP version 7 if you haven’t done so yet.

Good news is that more and more web hosting companies are supporting PHP 7 for WordPress. If not, then you probably should move to a web hosting provider that does so.

There’s a catch though. While WordPress itself will run without problems on the latest and greatest PHP version, chances are your plugins and themes might have some incompatibilities but no problem nonetheless because the guys over at WPEngine created a free PHP 7 Compatibility Checker plugin that will go through your site’s code and check for any incompatibilities.

Once the incompatibilities are found, then you can either contact the plugin / theme developer and ask them to fix it or you can fix it yourself and contribute your fix back to them. Either way, you end up with a better WordPress site.

What are you waiting for? Go download the compatibility checker plugin and start migrating your site over to PHP 7.

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