What is the Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

The answer’s probably obvious to many but allow me to cater to the few because I do remember myself asking myself this same question when I was still a newbie in the world of SEO – what is the important of search engine optimization in internet marketing?

The easiest answer is that so you can be found online by people who might be interested in your products.

The best answer is that so you can tailor the search engines to rank your site for keywords that your target market are searching for and therefore find your site when they need you the most.

Let’s say I have a site about how to make money online. It won’t make any sense if they find me when they search for how to train your dog or whatever, right? What I’d really want is for them to find my site when they search for stuff like “how to make money online from home in the Philippines” and other such key phrases.

This is where SEO comes in. What you want is to rank for keywords that makes sense for the product you’re selling otherwise you’re just wasting time. To do this, you’ll have to do some serious keyword research and then create content on your site that utilizes the keywords you found.

Easy peasy? Not really, with millions of sites out there competing for the top stop on Google, Yahoo and Bing, the challenge is real but with proper knowledge and techniques, you’ll get through.

So what is the importance of SEO in Internet Marketing? Answer: So people can find you the way you want them to find you.

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