How to Add Your Website to Google and Other Search Engines

You’ve built your website. It’s a perfect and awesome blog and you want the whole world to see it. How do you do it? How do you add your website to Google and other search engines so all the web can see?

It used to be complicated but good news for you search engines are a lot smarter now then they used to be.

First you must understand how search engines find your website. They find your site through links. Search engines have little programs called “robots” or “crawlers” that go from website to website “indexing” fresh content 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They don’t rest and their purpose in life is to find more websites to process.

The question therefore is how do you make sure that these robots find you? Here are my five main techniques:

  1. I ask other websites, usually friends with websites already “found” by the search engines, to link to my new website.
  2. I link to my new website from my old websites. This only works if you have old websites of course.
  3. I create a short video my new website, upload it to you YouTube and make sure that the video’s description has a link that points to my website.
  4. I look for blogs with topics related to what my site is about and post useful relevant comments on their blog posts.
  5. I talk about my new site on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These are the basics. The idea is the more sites linking to your new website, the faster the search engines will find you.

Of course you’d also want your site to “rank” for keywords that match your new site’s topic. To do that you’ll need to do some keyword research which is another beast of its own.

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