Why home based business is good for Filipinos

More Filipinos are now migrating towards the home based business lifestyle here in the Philippines probably because many are getting tired of the old 8am to 5pm routine. Here are 5 reasons why starting your own business from home is a good idea for Pinoys.

I. More time for your family

Here’s the shocking truth. If you have to commute at least an hour to work then you’re actually wasting a lot of time just to get work to begin with. You wake up at 5am, prep for work, kiss your family goodbye probably while the kids are still asleep, leave at around 6am to avoid the morning rush, get to work at around 7am, rest a bit and start work at 8am.

Going home is more or less the same. You stop getting paid at 5pm so prep for home, leave in a few minutes, get stuck in traffic for two hours, get home tired and only begin to spend some time with your family at around 8pm.

I’ve been there and I hate it which is why I chose to switch to a home based business setup instead. Now I wake up at 6:30am to 7am, take the kids to school, get back home and spend time with my family the way I want to.

Working at home means I can take breaks any time I want to. When my wife asks me to drive for her, I will (after a bit of complaining). If my kids want to go out for dinner in some new restaurant they discovered, we can – anytime my family wants.

II. More time for yourself

Working from home also means I have more time for myself. I can sleep more, read more, relax more, exercise more (still working on this part) and do whatever I want. If I want to work for 12 hours straight I can and if I want to work for just 2 hours I can as well.

More time to meditate, pray and focus on life. More time to plan for my future and my family’s future as well.

I once was told that life would be better if we had 48 hours in a day. My reply was, it’d be the same as long as we don’t have full control of those 48 hours – even if it were to be 72 or 96 hours in a day, it doesn’t matter. 24 hours is more than enough if you have total control over every single second of it.

III. Improved control over your income

We work so we can earn because when we earn our status of living improves. So this means that I have improved control over my income, I also have improved control over my lifestyle.

A home based business even in 3rd world countries like the Philippines allow for better control over the type of customers you want, the kind of decisions you want to make over your business and more which usually translates to how much you end up earning.

If you wish, you can even spin up another business any time you want or terminate a business endeavor that does not help you achieve your goals.

IV. Improved control over your life

Accept it or not, the moment you start work at 8am and finish at 5pm, your life is not yours. Those hours are paid for and you’re expected to do things that are in your employer’s intereset – not yours.

Working from home removes this limit – the choice is all yours and you’re only accountable to one person – yourself. You’re the boss – you set the standards.

V. It’s a better path to financial freedom

If you were to compare the number of people with home-based businesses versus those who work at the office as employees to somebody, you’d quickly find out that that more work at home types achieve financial freedom.

Whether it’s network marketing, internet marketing, virtual assistant, computer shop, tutorials, etc., the chances of you attaining financial freedom is way higher if you have your own home based business. The math is obvious – your income is 100% yours.


I’ve been working from home since 1998. Yes there were a few months between then and now when I worked the usual 8am to 5pm but only to get more exposure and network with more people in my field. I was once asked if I’ll accept a job contract for 5 years getting paid a good salary – I promptly said no.

If you’re looking for a way to start your own home based business (especially if you’re in the Philippines) visit this link – homebiz.mikelopez.com/million.


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