Why Do People Have Negative Thoughts About Network Marketing and Home Based Business Opportunities?

There comes a point in life where you can feel stuck. In general or in certain areas of your live. Financially, with your job, in your relationship. When we feel we have reached that point, we start to feel uncomfortable or bored. We need a new challenge… something exciting. In my last article I explained how the law of attraction works. So when you feel you are ready for something new… usually something will appear to you. It can be meeting new friends, a new job, a new relationship. Whatever catches your eye… you will be open for.

Let’s say that you are a employee at a big company. You work inside a big office 5 days a week. You have your own desk, your own computer and you have to spend 1 hour of going trough traffic every day. You have a reasonable income, you have a good relationship and you own your own home. Nothing wrong with that! Sounds like a good life. Right?

But you can’t help feeling there is something missing.You can not point your finger at it… but it feels like there is a empty space inside you. You try to ignore it, you try not to think about it. And as time passes… you will slowly lose this feeling. But after a few months this feeling comes back again… and it feels even stronger then before. You are not satisfied with your life. You need something to change… but what? You start to look for answers, you will Google sports, holidays, trips, lifestyle. Looking for things that will satisfy this feeling you have. But what you are actually doing is looking for a reason, a way to escape from the life you are in right now.

Often we use the internet to look for information about certain subjects… or to make contact with our friends or to find new ones. Social media is a great platform to use. You can reach the world and the world can reach you! This is also the home and world of entrepreneurs and network marketeers. They know like no other how to use this platform to connect and to market. It is not difficult to find a new opportunity or someone that will show one to you.

When this feeling happened to me… I did the exact same thing. I was looking for trips, holidays and weekend retreats to escape from this feeling. When I started to search for the real reason it brought me to ME. There was nothing wrong with my life… it was ME. But how do I change myself… and what do I have to change. I started to focus on the feeling that I had been having.Why do I feel empty or why do I feel there is something missing? It took me some time to figure this out… but I did. It was the feeling that I missed out on things in life because I did not live it to the fullest of my potential. Oke… let me repeat that again! I did not live my life to the fullest of my potential? So I have more potential then I have been using up till now? Wow!

As soon as I found out that this was causing this feeling it brought a whole new perspective. I started with analyzing my job. Is this the job that I want to do for the rest of my life? NO. Why isn’t this the job that I want to do the rest of my life? Because I can do and be more then I am doing right now. Why am I still doing this job? Because it is easy, safe and secure. This made me realize that I was doing this in all areas of my life. It was not challenging anymore. With this new information I had the change to make different choices. And I decided to turn my life around.

Of course this is easier said then done… you are not going to quit your job just like that. But you can look for more ways and more possibilities to use your time in a more satisfying way. You can focus on a new future… and start making new choices that will satisfy the new you. When you start to think and act like this… you are open for new things and opportunities. My new opportunity came to me about 3 years ago. A family member introduced me to network marketing. I had never heard of it before and I decided to take a look at it. Because it was mentioned to me by a family member I trusted this to be something good… something of value.

When I first started out I thought it was an easy way to earn some extra money. But when I got more familiar with the concept, the company, the products, the people behind it like coaches and trainers, I discovered that this is a real job! Not a get rich quick thing!! I discovered that it would take true and honest hard work, learning how to communicate and talk to people, learning how to market yourself, your business and your products. It takes time to learn and master all the skills. But the most important thing I learned is mindset. You need to have the right mindset. With mindset I mean… learn how to think in a positive way and learn how to have enough self confidence. There comes a point where you will have to step out of your comfort zone. Why, because you will meet a lot of negative minded people, know it all people and people that will try to bring you down. Why… I really didn’t know at first. But I slowly began to learn why.

I have had a lot of different jobs in my life. But I can honestly say that being in Network Marketing has taught me the most about myself. It is a great way to grow and develop yourself. Why, because you only get paid when you do something. You will only reach a certain income if you work for it. And working in Network Marketing means talking, communicating, market, be creative. It means taking yourself to a level where you can handle all kinds of people and be successful at it.

When I tried to tell my friends and family about my new opportunity the responses were from ”great” to ”how dare you speak to me about that, it will ruin your life, it will bring you down” Wow! Why do people have such a negative reaction to something that was so positive and exciting to me?

I discovered that people fear what they don’t know. They have the tendency to protect you and talk you out of it. Others are amazed that they did not hear about something like this themselves. And when they see that you are all fired up and excited about something they don’t know about, they don’t want you to do it either. They don’t want you to succeed in something they are not a part of. Then we have people that can’t stand the idea that you might be successful in anything, they are jealous and will do anything to talk you out of it. And the last group of people have heard about it from a cousin that has a neighbour that has a brother that heard of a friend that long ago joined a business just like mine… and told him that it didn’t work.


I quickly learned not to pay any attention to this kind of people, because it will lead to nothing and it will only waste your time and energy. I simply told them, oke so this is not the right time for you… or it isn’t a fit for you right now… but maybe you’ll like the products. I also learned where to find people that are interested and like to learn more about what it is your excited about. And that brings us back to the internet. Where people like you and me are looking for something new and exciting that will give their lives a more rewarding feeling.

So what it all comes down to… you change when you choose a different path for your life. You change and grow as a person… and not everybody is going to like that. A lot of people are not happy and satisfied. And when they see and hear the new and exciting you, it is like a mirror for themselves. By growing and learning… you show others that they are not happy and fulfilled with their own life. This is not your problem. You can tell and show them what you know. The rest is up to them. And many years later when they are still at the same point and not happy and satisfied, and they ask you how you did it? You can say… I tried to show you!

I have been in Network Marketing for 3 years now… and I feel so blessed to be in this profession. It gave me back myself. It gave me self respect, it gave me fulfillment in many ways. It taught me how to communicate, how to market, how to meet new people. And most of all it gave me a new future with bigger goals, bigger dreams and a unstoppable motivation to succeed and help other succeed too. There is not a profession in this whole world were you can grow this fast and create your own business, unlimited income and financial freedom with a residual income.

I would really love to hear your story! Ask me anything about this article or Network Marketing, Online Marketing, Health products, Positive Mindset, Law of attraction or Business Opportunities… you name it.

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