2015 Summer Family Road Trip – Silay, Bacolod, Dumaguete

I was driving like crazy to reach the next RORO vessel in Dumangas port. At first I thought it will just take us 30 minutes to drive from Iloilo port to Dumangas but I was wrong. Even though the road was nice and there wasn’t much traffic, it took us 45 minutes to get there.

We missed the ship by 5 minutes but no worries – another one was scheduled to leave in an hour. All is well.

Goodbye Iloilo, Hello Negros

We arrived at Bacolod port and the kids enjoyed the million jellyfishes in the water.

We stopped by at a Bongbong’s outlet just outside the port and bought some pasalubongs then drove straight for Silay City to visit the place where my grandmother lived – the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House.


My late grandmother, Carmen “Acacia” Montinola Amechazurra used to tell me stories about Silay during World War 2. Words cannot explain how I felt when my family arrived at Silay City. It was as if her stories came to life.

We were allowed to go inside the house at which we quickly discovered that a portion of the 1st floor is being used as an office by a certain politician who’s name I can’t remember.

The rest of the house however is a different story. It’s a mixture of old and new things although most looks old. Here are some photos for you to digest.

Terrace of the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House
2nd floor Terrace

2nd Floor Hallway Inside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral HouseInside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House
2nd Floor Hallway

Going up the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House Jae's doing his pose on some wheel Inside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House Kei & Vhi posing at some old wheel Inside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House Inside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House
Stairs, Wheel, and Dining Area

Inside the Alejandro Amechazurra Ancestral House

We haven’t been here before but there’s this weird feeling of sadness when we left Silay City – for me at least. It’s as if I was saying once more saying goodbye to my dear grandmother.

It’s certainly a place that we have to visit again.

More photos on Facebook of our hours-short Silay City trip:

We left Silay at around 7:00pm and drove back to Bacolod City where we ate dinner at around 8:30pm. We didn’t have time to stroll around, besides the kids were already tired considering that we went through 3 islands on the same day (Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros) so after dinner, everybody settled in the car and we all began our 5-hour drive to Dumaguete City.



We arrived in Dumaguete City at around 3am. The boat for Dapitan, Mindanao leaves at around 6am so we thought it best to eat breakfast at a nearby McDonald’s. I wish we stayed longer in Dumaguete but time is against us – we have to get back home before school starts so we just took some family pictures at the “I Love Dumaguete” sign near the port.


Beware of fixers from whom we fell victim at the Dumaguete Port. They will get you boarded and everything but you’ll end up paying more than you should. This was the only place where we went with the fixer because we were all so tired and didn’t have the energy to go through the process which is probably just as easy as the rest of the ports that we’ve been through.

This ends our short stint in Negros Island, up next Mindanao.


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