Don’t kick the dog (Or the cat)

We have all been there I guess. That moment when you need to vent out that frustration of yours.

You have reached your boiling point so you walk out the door in search of something that will be the focus of your anger – and there you find the dog (or pretty much anything that is in your way).

“This is it” you say so you kick it with all your might hoping that with that all your anger and frustration will go away but it does not. You actually feel worse after doing that.

You see I believe that venting out your frustration through an act of violence won’t cut it. Instead you need to focus on the reason of your frustration and try to figure out a way to fix it. Violence is unproductive therefore you should avoid it at all costs.

So what should you do?

Well, what I do is I focus all of that anger into doing something productive like clean the house, wash the dishes, clean the car, etc. and believe it or not, during this moment of being productive I actually end up being calmer and coolheaded. No crying dogs or cats, no broken furniture and best of all I get to understand the cause of my frustration and become better equipped just in case it happens again.

Now, I am no saint and I’ve had my fair share of broken furniture and crying dogs. That being said I have learned to control myself most of the time and during those times I find myself a tad wiser than I used to be.


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