The Wealth and Charity Connection

The Wealth and Charity ConnectionWe have talked about creating wealth in the previous post. Now let us explore the connection between wealth and charity. In common business dealings, the word charity only appears as an institution in which a company practices its corporate social responsibility. There are even times that stringent businessmen wouldn’t even consider doing charity simply because they believed in the principle that in business, the only word they know is profit and charity is non-existent. But we will be taking the word charity into a higher level – not merely as an institution wherein a company can practice corporate social responsibility. It is more a response to the principle – you get what you give and expounding it further.

Can you be wealthy and charitable at the same time?

The definite answer is YES.

True wealth is not meant for selfish consumption and prestige. True wealth involves creation, sustenance and sharing. It is a continuous cycle. Wealth does not happen in just one instance nor grows itself on trees. Sharing wealth can be your significant contribution for humanity. Sharing wealth or becoming charitable is acknowledging that wealth is not reserved for one person only, but it is meant to be shared to others so that they will also reap its benefits as well as continue the attitude of sharing it again to other people.

You may want to imagine living in a selfish world. I can tell you that progress, growth and sustenance will not happen if people exhibit their selfish and greedy ways. Real life business cases also points this case: businesses that don’t care about creating and sustaining real wealth, companies whose aims are only profits regardless if they get it through ethical means or not, they tend to end up one of the biggest busts during their existence. These companies failed to realize the basic principle of wealth creation as well as its relationship to charity – and yes, they failed big time.

Again, the bottom line is that the definition of charity is not limited to institutions where you can make your donations. In its higher sense, it is involving wealth creation through sharing so that others may also benefit from the wealth you are enjoying.

Until my next post! See you.

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