You Get What You Give

you get what you giveIn the previous post, we have talked about wealth and the things that you considered as such. Now let us dwell on this particular saying: “You get what you give”.

This particular golden phrase is considered as a core principle in wealth creation. You cannot create wealth if you don’t know how to give first. This is also reflecting the age old adage, you reap what you sow…

When you know what are the things that you value, you determine the things that make you wealthy. And when you know the things that make you wealthy, then you will know how to start creating more. Putting effort in creating wealth (whatever are the things that make you wealthy) and investing on its seeds is the right way to go. You cannot expect money to grow on trees without any invested effort and that also happen with wealth.

If you will look into the lives of prominent people in this world; regardless of what field they are in – the one thing that makes them wealthy and successful is that they know the principle of giving before getting something in return. They know that you cannot reap apples if you sow orange seeds. They know that the secret to continuous wealth creation is to know what, when, where and how they would invest.

Investing is the required effort in wealth creation. I am pertaining to investing in wealth; regardless of whatever kind it is. If you started thinking of sowing the seeds of your potential investment, then you will face two questions: Is it worth the risk? In what timeframe it must be reaped?

Remember the lessons in my previous goal setting posts? They also worth noting for when you are considering your investment for potential wealth creation. Investing towards further wealth creation is also like setting goals. But this time, the next questions to be asked are about risk and timeframe.

In my next post, we will explore further into risk taking and managing the timeframe for your goals.

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