Celebrate your Goals

Celebrate your GoalsAnd after you have struggled and reached your goal, it’s time to share the celebration. Nothing beats the ecstatic feeling of reaching your goals, proving your worth in achieving them as well as the appreciation of your hard work. Take your time. Celebrate. Smell the roses and appreciate your effort and hard work.

But then again, let us face reality again: after achieving your goals, what will be the next thing to do? After reaching the top, do we intend to stay there forever or go down the slopes to appreciate the view from below?

Achieving goals is always likened to reaching a mountain. Sure, we struggle towards reaching the top but ever wonder why mountaineers won’t stay that long at the top? Of course, discounting the thought that the air is thin at the top, the metaphor side of it is because you can’t stay at the top forever. No one stays at the top forever. It is embracing the reality and the humility that life is not perfect, it does not stay rosy forever and there will be changes and challenges from time to time. It is accepting that life is a continuous challenge and the moment we reached those goals, it’s time to set for another.

I hope the series of my posts pertaining to setting and achieving goals will help you a lot in dealing with your everyday lives. Always remember there will be always more to life. Keep on setting goals. Keep on achieving them. Don’t quit when you are struggling. Embrace and live life to the fullest.

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