Motivating and Sustaining Goals

Motivating and Sustaining GoalsNow that you have identified your goals and measured them up for feasibility, it’s time to take on the challenge of motivating yourself and sustaining your goals. In this regard, I might compare motivating and sustaining goals to leading yourself in a fitness program and staying fit through it.

Another reason why people fail in achieving their goals is because they don’t know how to motivate and sustain themselves through it. We can make thousands of goals but motivating ourselves in attaining them can be a challenge. So how do we keep ourselves motivated in achieving our goals?

The first 4 posts regarding this topic actually provides the answers – the first few posts are meant to give us a clear picture to where we are heading with your goal setting. Once we have a clear vision of our goals and how do we want them to be – then it will help us motivate ourselves more in achieving them. Anyway, who would be motivated if you will be a sitting duck in ambiguity?

Next thing to do in order to motivate us to reach our goals is to share our passion in achieving them. Nothing beats the shared passion in reaching goals. Who knows, maybe the people that you have shared your passion with may have contributions and encouragement for you to reach your goals.

Since we have mentioned passion, it is also another key in motivating and sustaining yourself towards reaching your goals. Passion is an innate drive in all of us and it is considered as one of the strongest drives that man could ever have. If we have passion in achieving our goals, then most likely, you will be able to harness that passion into a motivating and sustaining force in achieving your goals.

Another step in motivating yourself towards achieving goals is identifying your purpose. Begin with the question: What is my purpose in achieving that goal? If you have clarified yourself with the purpose and it matches the goals that you want to achieve, chances are, you will be more motivated to achieve that goal because you know the purpose it will serve. This also underscores the reality that humans are actually purpose driven beings.

So to sum it up, here are my tips in motivating and sustaining yourself in achieving your goals: clarity, shared passion, identifying your passion and identifying the purpose of your goal. I hope these simple steps will help you in motivating yourself towards the achievement of your goals.

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