Going SMART with your Goals

Going SMART with your GoalsNow that you have already your BHAG (Big, Hairy and Audacious Goals), it’s time to test its feasibility in the real world. Sure thing, everyone can think of any goals within their lifetime but the next question will be: “Is it feasible?”

The feasibility of a goal is another important step in its transformation from being the invisible towards becoming the visible and tangible. In this regard, we will have another commonly used tool for determining the feasibility of a goal: SMART (Systematic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound). The SMART principle is commonly used, again in business circles but it is not limited to such – we can also use this principle even in our personal goal setting.

Check your goals against the following questions:

  1. Are your goals SYSTEMATIC? Do they lead from one goal to another?
  2. Are they MEASURABLE? What specific parameters you would like to measure your goal?
  3. Are they ATTAINABLE in short-term, mid-term or long term timeframe?
  4. Are they REALISTIC enough to be fulfilled within your own resources and capacities?
  5. Are they TIME bound? Do you have a sufficient time frame for those goals to be worked out on?

If your goal measures up against those questions, then that will be time to say that your goal is indeed a SMART one. The reasons why some people frustrate themselves in goal setting is because they tend to set inhumane goals – goals that are way beyond their resources, capacities, strength and motivation. Using the SMART parameters will help you size up your goals. If they size up, you can do it with flying colors in achieving them.

In our next post, we will tackle the aspects of motivating one’s self in achieving and sustaining your goals. Until the next post, keep on creating goals!

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