Knowing your True Goals

Knowing your True GoalsPsychologist Viktor E. Frankl once said:

“Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.”

His quote meant that we are living a goal-centric life. Our lives will not exist further if we do not have goals. We can consider ourselves as good as the dead if we stopped in creating goals that meant to push our lives forward. But before we do some pencil-pushing towards the achievement of our goals, we will start with the most basic question: “What are our true goals?”

What are your true goals in life? How well do you know them?

Let me give you this simple hint: What you actually want is not what you actually need. This hint simply tells you that in order to distinguish your true goals from the other is through recognizing what you want from what you need. Example, if you want to buy a new smart phone but it’s not what you actually need, then it’s not worth having it. It’s like responding to an impulsive feeling in which you did not allow yourself to rationalize if the item you is what you really need after all. Chances are, you will end up discontented and guilty – especially if you have spent a lot of money acquiring that item.

That simple scenario applies to our life, in general. There are times that we tend to think that we made the right choices but it turns out to be the wrong one; simply because we failed to distinguish the things that we want and the things that we really need. This is crucial also in finding our true goals in life – are they the goals that we need to see ourselves making progress or are they just for the temporary and impulsive feeling.

So right now, as you read this article, think over the goals that you have in your life today. Ask yourself these questions: Are they the goals I really want? Are they the goals I really need?

Once you have determined the true goals of your life, then we can begin setting and working them out.

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