Setting Our Lives with Goals

Setting Our Lives with GoalsIt is imperative in our lives to have goals of our own. This reflects the inherent nature of life to have its own purpose of living and the best way to achieve that purpose is through the creation and achievement of goals. No man would ever live without one goal in his life – otherwise, he will be just like a ship without a sail, tossed into the churning waves of the sea. In this series, we will talk about goals, how well you know them, creating your goals, achieving them and making them as your personal milestones.

Let me share to you a quote from an author named Tony Robbins. He says:

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”

We are born dreamers. Sure, we have one big dream over the other. But the reality is, few of us are actually achievers. Dreams will only stay dreams if they are not worked out. What translates the invisible (dreams / aspirations) in our heads into something visible and tangible is through setting, creating and achieving goals.

To get one fine example, let us look into the technology we have today. Imagine, if none of us have imagined or dreamed of communicating from pony express up to the Facebook personal messages, chances are, the stream of information across the globe will take months and even years to reach us. It’s like knowing that Barack Obama is the US president, 6 months after he was inaugurated.

Another example: What if someone did not think of using fire as a tool in our daily living, then perhaps the technology we enjoy today would not exist. Well, that only proves that even our ancestors are quite big dreamers too. And turning their dreams into something tangible and visible helped us evolved into who we are today.

This only gives us the bottom line: no matter what kind of life do we have today, we always have dreams and aspirations. And one way to transform them into reality is to set them and work our way towards achieving them.

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