Humility with Success

Humility with SuccessWe have discussed how to deal with failures in the previous post. Now we will be talking about success. Isn’t it a sweet word? Success. Whenever we dream of being successful in life, we like to achieve things that leave our mark, earn prestige from and some say gain happiness from. The first two descriptions refer to the physical marks of success but the latter – success is happiness is a misconception of the majority.

Yes. Believe it or not. Success is not equated with happiness. Sure, people can be successful without being happy. They can also be happy without being too successful. We all want success in our lives but as we have discussed in the previous post – most of the times the precursor to success is a dose of failure.

Now, while achieving success, let me ask this question: how do you handle yourself when you continuously achieve success? There is a common perception that some people – who achieved massive success change their attitudes at the height of it. Some of these changes are regarded positive like the sharing of your success to others so that they can be successful too, while on the other hand, the negative attitude changes like arrogance and the tendency to underestimate others.

That is why the question of how do you handle yourself in the midst of success determines your attitude towards it. Achieving success in this life is like catching the golden snitch, there are obstacles in our path and it depends on us how we will handle success. If you hold it loosely, it will fly away. If you hold it tightly, it may not be able to flap its wings. I bet Harry Potter surely knows how to chase success as evidenced by his achievements as a seeker in the series.

Humility in the midst of success is the best mindset and attitude. For when you allow success go into your head and develop arrogance later on, you will miss out the true worth of success. Remember this line: There is a thin line between arrogance and self-confidence. Arrogance during success can ruin relationships, narrows your perspective, builds a false sense of ego and creates an untoward atmosphere at work. Keeping your feet on the ground is the best attitude when it comes to handling success.

See you until the next post!

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