The Meaning of Failure and Success

The Meaning of Failure and Success This post will start with 2 simple questions: how do you define failure? How do you define success?

Why I asked for such questions? Simply because we have our own personal gauge of determining what is failure and what is success for us. Some people determine failure and success through wealth, health, personal achievement throughout the years, the variety of their life experiences, the depth and expertise in a particular set of knowledge etc.

The way we define failure and success also reflects the kinds of values that we have – from the life philosophies down to the things we put value on. So have you asked yourself at this moment: how do I define failure? How do I define success? If you have a piece of paper and a pen, try writing your own definition as you read this post.

After creating your own definitions, try to read it again. Most of you will define failure as the inability of achieving something you cherished. Some of you would even think that failure is a hindrance to success. Others would think that failure is a result of poor choices and decision making. Success on the other hand, will be defined as the ability of achieving something, the result of hard work and some will even say that success is equated with happiness.

Again, let me make this point: there is no right and wrong definition of failure and success. Your own definition of these two terms depends on how you see them in your own perspective. The moment you identify your personal perspectives in terms of failure and success, the more you will be able to understand your life’s encounters with them.

In the next post, we will tackle point number 2: your attitude towards failure and success. See you until the next post.

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One thought on “The Meaning of Failure and Success

  1. […] end this post, let us think that life is not perfection. There will be always failure. And it pays to fail […]

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