You Fall, You Crawl, You Stand Up Again

What do you do when you fall? You stand up.

What do you do when it’s hard to stand up? You crawl, then try to stand up again.

Watch the video below as we’ll talk more about it in this article.

The little boy with the blue helmet is Jae, my 6-year-old son accompanied by his older sister Vhi. He was very excited to learn how to skate on ice and he thought it’d be easy.

Oh boy he was wrong.

Vhi knows how to skate a bit. Jae on the other hand is what I’d call “fresh from the freezer”. I was smiling to my ears watching Jae fall, crawl and stand up again because I knew that he was learning a life lesson.

Life is not fair. Accept it. It’s true and the sooner you learn to accept it, the sooner you can clearly see the path that you need to take to get out of that hole that you always wanted to climb out your whole life.

What you need to do is to never give up.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I cried life is not fair. Yeah, we all breathe the same air and bask under the same sun but still life isn’t fair. Some are born to rich families while some are born to the poorest families in the poorest country. Some are rich but dumb while others are poor but smart and still there are those who seems to have missed all the luck in the world.

Life is not fair but we all have goals that we’ve always dreamed of achieving. It may be a huge goal or a simple one but the point is we all want to have something else either for ourselves or for the people that we love. To get our goal we have to sacrifice lots of things and gather all the courage in the world to face our fears.

Jae's victory. He's done with fear and is finally enjoying.

Jae’s victory. He’s done with fear and is finally enjoying the ice.

If Jae cried unfair and quit, he wouldn’t have learned ice skating and would definitely have no fun at all.

But he did not.

He was at the brink of quitting when he told me that he’ll give it another shot and he did. He did so with bravery knowing that he might fall again but also knowing that he can always keep on trying.

If my 6-year-old boy can reach his goal of skating on ice then I believe that he can get anything he wants in life if he really wants to.

And you? You can be like Jae. It was his first time wearing ice skates, walking on ice, falling on ice, crawling on ice, hurting his hand because the ice was so cold, and yes, his first time to have fun in this way.

He did get some help from Vhi but don’t we all? Yeah, I think we all get help when we need it the most sometimes in very unexpected ways.

He fell… a lot. But in the end he was able to let go of holding the sides of the skating rink and be free.

And just like Jae, you’ll fall. We all do. But in the end we’ll be able to let go of our fears, get out of our comfort zone and enjoy the freedom of achieving our goals in life.


2 thoughts on “You Fall, You Crawl, You Stand Up Again

  1. I really don’t like ice skating. I don’t like bladed objects though I like roller blades. Nice article though

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