Don’t be Cheap, Hire the Pros

Choose the professionals in your business decision making processWhenever you come across the choice between cheaper neophyte and the expensive professional in your business decision making process – it’s much better to go with the pro.

My family of five recently moved to a new home. It’s a small 72sqm flat. We had it built on top of my mother-in-law’s place so we’re essentially on the second floor.

We love the place but I think we could have done better by hiring pros all the way. I won’t be mentioning names but this much is true – we hired a mix of pros and non-pros for the job. We probably would have spent a little bit more by going with pros all the way but I think the 100% satisfaction that we could have gotten would be priceless.

We humans make the same mistake all the time in just about every aspect of our lives. During the decision making process in business we oftentimes choose the cheaper option mainly because it’s cheap and shy away from the more expensive ones just because it will cost us more.

Of course there are some exceptions – there will always be pros who are cheap and really expensive amateurs. The rule of thumb though is that pros are a bit (or a lot) more expensive than amateurs.

Should you go for the pro even if it’s more expensive? While it still depends on your budget, I’d say go for the best that your money can buy – you won’t regret it. Furthermore, I think that you’ll be wasting more money by choosing the cheaper option then regretting it later on.

I think this applies to everything – whether it’s building a house, hiring a contractor, building your business, and so on.

Of course importance of decision making in business covers many aspects but I think making this choice is one of the major ones.

Again, don’t be cheap. Hire the pros.

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