Strategies for Online Marketing

Strategies for Online MarketingThere are many strategies for online marketing and each marketer will probably have his own list of strategies on how to market in the online world. No matter what strategies you employ though, it is known that good internet marketing can send more people to your site which can translate to more customers, more sales and better branding.

Just as with anything, the hardest part is to begin. Hopefully the strategies listed below will give you the extra boost you need to get off the starting line.

I. Clearly Identify your Marketing Goals

Know exactly what you want. Are you marketing for brand awareness or to increase sales? Do you want to gain more new customers or sell more products to your existing customers? Among all strategies for online marketing, this I believe is the most important as it defines the path that you will be taking.

II. Research Your Target Market

How big is your target market? How fast is it growing? These are the questions that you want to ask yourself when researching about your market. The goal here is to stay relevant so that you’re not left behind. Look for patterns and trends and see how you can adapt to it.

III. Create a Customer Profile

Who is your customer? Male, female, adults, kids? What do they want? Where do they usually hang out online? What are the kind of things that they buy and what triggers them to make the buying decision?

Also keep your existing customers in mind. Listen to their feedback and actively interact with them through blogs, email and social networking.

IV. Know Your Competitor

What’s your competitor doing? Who are they targeting? What keywords are they ranking for? How do they price their product? In other words, What are their strategies for online marketing?

What you want to achieve here is to learn where your competitors find success and where they fail. Copy where they’re good at, improve on their weaknesses and avoid their mistakes.

This 4th strategy for online marketing is perhaps one of my favorites. I feel like a spy when I do this.

V. Develop Promotion and Retention Strategies

Only at this point can you begin developing promotion and retention strategies for online marketing. How do you bring in more customers to your website? How do you keep them engaged? How can you make it go viral?

The goal here is simple – bring more customers in and keep existing customers from leaving. This is where social networking and emails come to play. Always be present when they look for you and stay present (in the background) during times when they don’t necessarily need you at all.

Needless to say, your promotion and retention strategies for online marketing have to match all the research that you’ve previously done.

VI. Test Your Ideas

Lastly, test your strategies for online marketing. Test, test and keep testing. In a fast changing online world, testing is a never-ending process. Not only do you have to test before you launch, you have to keep testing as you go along and refine your process to a point where you can sit back, relax and expect near-consistent results.

Hopefully these strategies for online marketing help you kick-start your online business.


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