How to Learn New Things in Life

How to force yourself to learn new thingsIf you want to stay ahead of things and be on what’s called the “bleeding edge” then will have to know how to learn new things in life and sometimes it involves forcing yourself to learn. Most are accustomed to being passive when it comes to learning but if you want to be on top of things then you have to be a pro-active learner.

If you are the kind of person who is passionate about learning then learning new things is probably second-nature to you. The majority however only understands that they have to learn but somehow lacks the required zeal to acquire knowledge. If you’re such a person then my advise is to force yourself to learn new things.

Yup, you’ve read that right. Force yourself.

How? Here are my three best methods of forcing myself to learn things that I know I need to learn but I do not necessarily like.

I. Learn new things by accepting challenging real-world projects

The quickest way to learn is to find a challenge and when I say a challenge I mean a real challenge and not something that you can easily accomplish. If there’s an EASY, MEDIUM, HARD scale then you have to go for HARDEST.

It’s also important that the challenge involves a real-world project so that you’re accountable to deliver something to a client. This not only  forces you to research new methods and technologies, it also rewards you with whatever payment that you have agreed upon with your client.

II. Learn new things with an accountability partner

Remember study groups in school? An effective study group not only makes learning fun, it also makes others accountable to what their group mates are learning. Look for someone who’s up for the challenge of learning new things and learn together. Discuss what you have learned and even more important, discuss what you can’t understand.

III. Learning new things by training someone

Why on earth will you look for someone to train if you yourself want to learn new things? Well, first, this applies only to those already have an idea on what they’re doing. Even the tiniest bit of knowledge can be gold to someone who doesn’t know it.

This is effective because it forces you to actually stay ahead of your student. It also forces you to look for answers to questions that your student has asked.

All these I have personally done and still doing and I sincerely hope this helps you learn new things in life.


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