Guide to Making Money as a Blogger

making money as a bloggerThere are many ways to make money online but making money as a blogger is perhaps the easiest path to get started.

I myself earn from different online income sources but I, like many others, started out with a blog.

In fact, even most of the experts start with a blog for every new online venture they have.

As a blogger, there are four parts to making money.

  1. You need a product
  2. You need a blog
  3. You need content
  4. You need readers

Putting these parts together can be done in a myriad of different ways but here are my steps:


There are millions of product choices to sell on the internet but my favorite ones are Clickbank and Paydotcom. Both have a huge list of products being sold by different internet marketers and you earn a commission for every sale that you refer. Clickbank have higher payout thresholds and stricter payout rules compared to Paydotcom so you may want to go with the latter as you start making money as a blogger.

I won’t go through the details of choosing your product but here are some guidelines:

  1. Start with products that you are comfortable to sell
  2. Choose products in niches that you are familiar with
  3. Choose products that are popular in the marketplace (have lots of sales) but don’t disregard new products as well

Grab the affiliate links (these are the links you use to refer customers) once your done choosing at least 1-2 products.


Again, there are many ways to start a blog but the easiest ones to go with are and Both are easy to setup and can get you started in less than 30 minutes. Even better, both are free so you won’t have to spend a single cent on it. If you’re more savvy then you can purchase your own domain name, buy some web hosting and install WordPress on your own. A quick way to get started on professional blog hosting is WPEngine.

Here’s what you need to take care of as soon as you get your barebones blog up and running.

  • Pick a Theme – A theme allows you to customize your blog’s appearance to your liking. There are practically thousands of free themes out there. Choose one that matches your product and your taste. If you’re unsure, go for minimalistic designs as they usually match any topic.
  • Choose a Title – Again, keep things consistent. Think of a 3 to 5 word blog title that describes the niche that you chose.
  • Get rid of default content – Blogger and WordPress will usually have some default/sample content for you after you set it up. Be sure to delete those.

Now that you’re done with that, you’re ready to start making money as a blogger.


This is where most people quit because this involves creating articles. Blogging is just another savvy name for article writing anyway. Don’t worry about it though. Here are some tips on building your content:

  • Start with titles – Create a list of 52 article titles. That’s enough for 1 article per week for 1 year. Again, stay in line with your niche.
  • Create the body – Write one article for each title. The articles do not need to be long. 150 to 200 words are enough. Best part is that the more articles you create the more natural the words flow out of your fingers.
  • Schedule each article – DO NOT publish your articles all at once. Blogger and WordPress both have a way to schedule articles in advance. Space each article you complete one week apart. This way, you can write 1 article today, 3 articles tomorrow, and so on and before you know it, you’re done with your 52 articles.

TIP: Make use of pictures in your articles.

Also, here’s an article I wrote on how to find ideas for blog posts.


If you got this far then you’re doing really well. You have your products, blog and content all set up. Now you need to start sending website traffic to your blog before you start making money.

Good for you, this is very easy nowadays through social networking. Back in the days, I had to tell my family and friends about my blog and sometimes even beg for other bloggers to link to my blog. Those still work but those are no longer necessary.

There are tons of free services out there that will feed your blog updates to social networking sites. I use Hootsuite and TwitterFeed. Hootsuite allows me to schedule my Facebook and Twitter updates in advance while TwitterFeed just pulls my blog’s RSS feed and posts them to Facebook and Twitter. Combine that power with scheduled blog posts and you’re sure to tell people about what’s new on your blog as they automatically get published.

I did write a short article on making Twitter and Facebook send you more traffic.

Then of course, there’s the search engines. If you create quality content that people actually like reading, then thre’s a good chance that people will find your blog posts when they search for certain keywords. You can also be more pro-active and optimize your blog posts so that they rank higher in search results.

Also check out this great article on how to increase search traffic. Will definitely help you with making money as a blogger.

That’s it. Need more ideas on making money as a blogger? Check out my make money with your blog article.

Be sure to post your questions and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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