Where to Get Ideas for Your Blog

You’re sitting in front of your computer, keyboard keys waiting for your fingers to type something. You’re waiting for an idea to hit you but there’s nothing. You give it a few more minutes and still nothing. Professional writers call it writer’s block. I just call it lack of inspiration.

If you often find yourself in this situation then perhaps I can help by showing you where you can get ideas for your blog.

  1. Your previous blog posts. An old blog post can always be the basis for a new one.
  2. Other people’s blog posts. You can get inspiration from what other bloggers in your niche are talking about. Subscribe to their RSS feeds so you can find all of there posts in one place in case your head is empty.
  3. Facebook discussions especially from pages and groups that are related to your niche. Also add Twitter, Google+ and whatever social media you’re in to.
  4. People and I mean real face to face talk. Get away from your computer. Disconnect. Talk.
  5. Experience. Perhaps the best source of ideas and inspiration for your blog post are your own experiences. And what better way to gain new experience in life than to go out and enjoy the world.

I surely hope that this short blog post help you add more fresh valuable content to the blogosphere.


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