Scrap your New Year’s Resolution

First off, I decided to delay my first blog post for 2013 to today instead of on January 1st or 2nd to let all the fuss about new year’s resolutions die down. A quick search on Google returns 211 million results right away.


2013 new year's resolution google search results



The reason I did this is because new year’s resolutions are crap and you need to scrap it.

Resolutions are supposed to be firm but people get so calloused in making annual resolutions that it becomes nothing more than an ordinary promise to oneself that is most likely to be broken. I’m quite sure you know what I’m talking about so I won’t elaborate further.

What needs to be done then? Instead of making powerless promises, we need to focus on goals and plans that define a clear path on what we really we want to achieve this year and how to achieve it. To illustrate, here’s a quick comparison

Resolution: I will lose weight. (such a typical new year’s resolution)

Goal and Plan: I will lose 7kilos by following the xxxx diet plan and running 5 kilometers two times a week. (replace xxxx with your favorite diet plan)

Spot the difference? Apply that to business and you begin to see the power of it.

Resolution: I will make $100,000 in extra income this year.

Goal and Plan: I will make $100,000 in extra income this year by focusing on better customer service and encouraging repeat sales from my existing clients.

Wonderful huh? But it doesn’t end there.

Just like any plan, bad or good, nothing is achieved without swift action. As soon as you define your goal and plans, you need to take the steps required to get there. The good news is that getting there becomes a ton more easier now that you have a clearer picture of what you want and how to get there. It’s no longer just an empty promise.


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