Traditional Advertising: Can Bloggers Benefit From It?

Of course! Bloggers tend to benefit from just about any advertising they can obtain—traditional, online, free, paid, etc. Advertising leads to exposure, and exposure translates into more readers. With that being said, do you even know what traditional advertising entails? If not, just think about the tactics that were used in the sixties and seventies to start. Flyers, brochures, television and radio commercials, are all advertising medians that fall into the traditional category. Obviously, technology has improved these methods over time, but the foundation and the principles that built said foundation have stood the test of time.

Obviously, bloggers did not exist several decades ago, but one thing is for certain—bloggers can still find benefit in traditional advertising. One of the most popular methods of advertising, especially to the local community, comes in the form of promotional products. Yes, those seemingly random products, imprinted with a company name or logo, which somehow find their way onto a coffee table in the middle of a doctor’s office.

Furthermore, promotional products encompass a wide variety of products. Naturally, there are the basics like business cards and pens. However, a quick venture over to the QLP YouTube page will show you the true marketing potential of promotional products; from a simple business card, to a completely customized tote bag. With so many products available to slap your brand on, the only trouble you should encounter using promotional products is determining which array of products to use. After all, while a business card gets the job done, it simply is not as cunning as a bright yellow, smiley-face stress ball.

Another popular marketing method used by advertisers (especially bloggers) is mobile advertising. No, I am not referring to cell phones, but rather those magnets, stickers, and windshield-banners that appear frequently on vehicles. Well, there is a reason they frequently appear—they work. One group in particular, the Girl Scouts, have found great success incorporating this type of advertising. The mothers of the scouts will simply take some window chalk and write, “Girl Scout Cookies 4 Sale. Call (###) ###-####,” on the back windshield of their vehicles. I don’t know about you, but when I even see the word “Girl Scout Cookies,” tantalizing images of thin-mint cookies come to mind, only proving further that this type of advertising is effective.

Aside from promotional products and mobile advertising, bloggers can always resort to the tried and true method of incorporating social initiatives into their marketing campaign. Bloggers can attract more readers locally simply by setting up a booth at a local event such as an annual Fourth of July celebration. This would allow a blogger to meet and greet members of the local community, providing an ample opportunity to increase exposure. Believe you me; a blog will do so much better when backed by the local community. Naturally, online advertising offers the potential for a much broader advertising reach, but if you start local, you will have a foundation to build upon.

If you are a blogger, you know from experience that a good marketing campaign is about as essential as the content you stock your blog with. You could be one of the best writers around, but if no one knows your blog even exists, how can you expect to gain their readership? Therefore, you need to be sure that you are utilizing every opportunity you get to advertise. When it comes to blogging, the more contemporary, online advertising methods reign supreme every time. And while it is okay to direct your focus to these methods, do not neglect to incorporate traditional marketing into your campaign as well. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did!

This post was written by Andrew Brusnahan. While completely contemporary at heart, Andrew knows to never forget the basics as we can see from his post above. While I would love to keep him as a full-time writer, Andrew is always looking for good writing opportunities. If you would like to hire him to write for you, contact him at

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