Good Staff is Just as Important as a Good Product

Evelyn and I heard from a friend that The Old Spaghetti House is offering a “pasta-all-you-can” promo. We both love pasta and it’s just something that we cannot miss.

We went out for a dinner date and gave it a try and not only was the during date fun for both of us, we also learned a valuable business lesson – good staff is just as important as a good product.

You see, the unlimited pasta that was served was just, well, plain pasta. They used to include unlimited pizza with the promo (another thing Evelyn and myself loved) but when we came, pizza was no longer part of the deal so it was just pasta. Kind of a bummer but we still enjoyed it despite the disappointment.

And that’s because the guy serving us was a really great guy. He was so entertaining, fast, efficient and always smiles that we ended up ignoring the fact that there was no pizza. (Kinda bad that I didn’t take his picture or ask for his name but I tell you this, if you go to The Old Spaghetti House at UP Ayala Land Technohub then you will definitely know who I’m talking about). He even showed us to the door when we were leaving and gave us one last smile.

So, my point is choosing the right people to work for your company is just as important as creating a great product.

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