What Can be Good with Social Networking

If you’re don’t think social networking is good then perhaps you might want to read this. Thing is, I’ve asked myself this question before – what can be good about social networking? The bad things like it can consume a lot of time, it prevents you from getting things done and worst it can get you fired are obvious.

But surely, something is good about social networking, right?

So, here’s what I think.

Social Networking is Like Fire

It is like fire because social networking is neither good or bad. Just like fire, it can burn you or it can warm you and provide you comfort. The same thing with things like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so forth. If you use it properly then it can build your network of influence and eventually help you with many other things like business.

Social Networking Can be Viral

Used properly, things you post in social networking sites can go viral in an instant. Again, this can be good or bad. If someone posts a photo of you drinking beer while naked then that can go viral really fast – not good. But say, you post a cool video about your cause, service or product and it goes viral then it’s good.

Social Networking is Good Because It’s Fun

If you only think of social networking as a tool to get your products into people’s face then you’re not really networking socially at all. Have fun with it. Post funny stuff, comment on other people’s posts and best of all make friends and perhaps meet up with them in the future.

In the end, it’s really up to to you to use the powerful tool of social networking. Used properly, social networking can be a very good thing.


One thought on “What Can be Good with Social Networking

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