5 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tactics that WORKS!

Are you stuck frozen trying to figure out the best way to makes sales through affiliate marketing? I know, I know. Luckily, I had the opportunity to talk with successful affiliate marketers over the years and asked them as to what works and not.

Introducing S.T.R.I.P. – a collection of five AWESOME affiliate marketing tactics that WORKS!.


Affiliate marketing is all about telling other people about some awesome product that you think will help them so what better way to get started than socializing with other people? Thank goodness we now have social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, socializing at a global scale is now possible with a few clicks.

I would suggest creating an informative blog post about a problem (or a set of problems) and how the product you are selling can help people solve that problem. Share the blog post on Facebook and Twitter. If you write a really useful blog post with a good catchy title then you will see people naturally click through the link and check it out. You might also get likes and comments in Facebook as well as re-tweets in Twitter.


Every person, young and old, love treats. Why not use this fact to bring people to your affiliate product? Give away something such as a free PDF ebook related to the product you’re selling in exchange of people doing any or all of the following:

  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Sharing your blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Posting a comment on your blog post

It might require a bit of monitoring but trust me, this can get you a ton of traffic especially if you have a really tasty treat to give away. You can also spin the idea into a contest. I’ve seen people give away iPads and iPhones as prizes and makes loads of money in return.


This tactic is being used by many affiliate marketers out there and for one reason – IT WORKS. Write a comprehensive review (with screenshots and screencasts when possible) about the product that you are selling. Obviously, you will have to buy the product and use it in order to write an honest review about it. If you don’t have the money to buy it, try contacting the product owner and see if he or she can give you a trial version/account to test things out.

Reviews are awesome because people want to know what other people think about a product before they buy it. A well written review can have very high conversion rates as well.


This one might need a little bit more effort BUT it’s guaranteed to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Contact 5 to 10 people you know who are using the product that you’re selling. Set an appointment and do a video interview with them. It can be a physical interview recorded on video with a Flip camera or your iPhone or it can be a recorded Skype video interview.

Interviews are more credible than reviews in my opinion so do it if you can. Another great thing about interviews is that the people you interviewed are very likely to share your interview with them on their blogs and social networking accounts as well. Free traffic for you!


This perhaps is the least favorite tactic amongst many affiliate marketers mainly because it’s such a chore. Here’s a tip though – you don’t have to post daily or even weekly. You just have you post regularly. Choose a schedule that you are confident you can follow and follow it. Posting regularly about the product(s) you are selling can get you good search engine rankings over time especially if you write good quality content that people actually read.

Posting regularly is a very long term strategy in affiliate marketing. I have blog posts I’ve written years ago that are still making me money until now so you better get started.

Start STRIPping and make affiliate sales now!

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