How to Ask People to Pay You for Your Content

Before anything else I would like to tell you that this is not a new idea BUT what I am going to tell you is a very effective and proven to make money.

This idea is for you if:

  1. You like writing good content
  2. You are willing to spend at least 8 hours a MONTH (yes, you read that right) working on your site
  3. You like making money

If you think you’re qualified, then read on.

Lots of well known online marketers have membership sites and those who don’t are moving towards the same direction. If you don’t know yet, membership sites are sites (usually blogs) that charge a monthly premium for content or service.

But why would people pay for what most of the time is essentially just a blog post? The answer is – for the same reason they go to school. What you will be doing is basically build an online school about a certain topic that you are really good at.

How does one build a membership site and start charging for content?

  1. Have a WordPress blog
  2. Install the WishList Member plugin
  3. Crank some content, both free and paid content
  4. Start promoting your blog

Yup, that simple.


  1. Produce content regularly. I would advise producing both free and paid content. The purpose of your free content is to attract people to your blog and to promote your paid content.
  2. Don’t blatantly promote your premium stuff in your free posts. Instead, all you need to do is write good quality useful content and people will naturally want more.

Post your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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