Are You Up For a Challenge?

Me with Russell Brunson during the
2012 World Teacher Aid trip to Kenya

First off, some background…

Do you know Russell Brunson? He’s a really good and very successful internet marketer and I’ve had the privilege of spending time (10 days) with this awesome internet marketer last July when I went to Kenya on a very special trip organized by World Teacher Aid.

Being the “nosy” person that I am, I asked him for some tips and he was kind enough to tell me a few. He then went ahead and advised me to check out DotComSecretsX.

The days after Kenya were pretty hectic. I had to go to New York to attend Clickbank Exchange and a mastermind organized by WishList Products at Inc Magazine’s office. Also went to Canada to work with Stu McLaren on some future projects for WishList .

Now that I’m finally back home and my schedule has “normalized”, I decided to check out DotComSecretsX and give it a try. Right from the get go, I can see that the program is great, not to mention Russell himself is awesome as well.

While in Kenya I also met David Gardner, one of Russell’s DotComSecretsX students with whom I shared tents with (not sure if he enjoyed my snoring). David’s a science teacher who won Russell’s free trip to Kenya contest. David’s a great guy and a living testimony that whatever Russell’s teaching WORKS.

So, what’s the challenge?

Well, just like school, the program includes doing some homework and my homework right now is to find an accountability partner – someone who will join me in the challenge of making a sustainable income online using Russell’s methods. To be honest, I already have 3 people in mind but I thought it would be unfair if I did not tell you, my dear blog readers about it.

It’s a 30-day challenge + coaching and it only costs you only $1 to join. Definitely risk-free! Would you take the challenge? Would you be my partner in doing this? Well, I’ll let Russell do the rest of the talking so just go ahead and click this link -> Join the DotComSecretsX Challenge.


2 thoughts on “Are You Up For a Challenge?

  1. Dave Gardner says:

    Hey Mike! It was great getting to know you as well….and I am not sure about the whole snoring thing…I might have been doing it myself between those loud hippo grunts we were hearing from the Safari!

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