Why Some People are Scared to Make Lots of Money

I’ve seen this more than once so I think it’s worth blogging about. Some people think that making lots and lots of money is not a good idea. That it can bring you more evil than good. That it can ruin your family and your life. I think there’s some truth to what they say but then I also think they’re missing the bigger picture.

If you are scared of making/want to make lots of money then my question for you is this. What is it that money can do?  We’ll get back to that later.

If you find yourself trying to quench your thirst for a bigger and better lifestyle then perhaps you should pause and check your motives for a moment. There’s nothing wrong with bigger and better. The desire for these things is what drives our economy BUT if you find yourself never to be content with what you have then perhaps something’s wrong.

More than a handful of people I talked to expressed their fear of making lots of money because they think (some even strongly believe) that it will change their human nature into something that they don’t recognize. They’re worried that they’ll turn into the antagonist they hate so much in the movies. That they’ll forget who they are and start trampling on other people’s lives in their never ending quest to quench the thirst for more.

To that I think the solution is simple. All you need to do is change your focus from “self” to making money for something bigger than yourself. I am a strong believer that life is not about wealth. It’s about the legacy that we leave behind.

I’ve had the great opportunity to be around people who make money not for themselves but for others. It’s a very interesting concept the first time I saw it but I eventually realized that helping others is what we’re all here for. It made me appreciate everything I have when I saw people struggling to eat just one meal per day. I saw how good life has been to me and my family when I saw 16 people trying to fit in a house so small I had a hard time thinking how they do it.

Did you know that $1 is worth about 15 meals for a child in Kenya? That’s $2 for 30 meals and many kids in Kenya eat only one meal per day! At one time, I was even given the opportunity to have a bite of the bread that the kids were eating. Not Starbucks for sure but it was different. There was something in that experience that made me re-think how I lived my life. There and then I knew we all had to stop complaining with what little we have because so many other people are probably having so much less.

Kids lining up for their meal. $1 can buy 15 meals for a child in Kenya. The tall white guy is Scott Brandley of Rhino Support.


So I say this – Expand your circle, build a bigger table, reach out to those in need. Create jobs. Help people to stand up when they’re down. Lead them towards the right direction in life. Give them hope, help them fulfill their dreams.

The more you want to help, the more you see that you need to make more money. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to help. You can start as early as now but then the time will come when you feel the need to help in a bigger way . When that time comes, You’ll know what to do. You’ll realize that you don’t have enough resources so you will want need to make more.

Money is just like any other tool. It’s scary if you don’t know how to use it.

So back to my previous question – What is it that many can do? In a world where money is needed almost everywhere, I say money can build a better future for those who are in need. Learn to use the tool and use it for good.

Now go ahead, make money. There’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t have to be scared especially if you have the heart to help.

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